TWiT Solicits Strip Mall Studio Logo

Update 2: TYFYC Mike for posting it to TWiT’s Facebook page where it remains days later, unnoticed by TWiT’s crack social media team (Lisa).
Update 1: Scroll to the bottom to view Total Drama reader submissions!
TWiT Eastside Studio Logo Donated by Total Drama
TWiT Eastside Studio Logo Donated by Total Drama (click for larger version)

Leo Laporte and Lisa Kentzell Laporte have always made their living on the back of free labor, services, etc. Today’s example is no different.

Poor Anthony Nielsen had to make two example logos — at least it’s not a genital-distracting sizzle reel right Anthony? — for their Facebook post requesting that a fan make them a free logo. If your logo is selected, they will pay you an exclusive license fee of $500 plus a $0.50 royalty on each T-Shirt sold with your logo.

Haha. Just kidding. You don’t get jack shit.

Our contribution — seen above — will be hard to beat. It has all the important elements and milestones TWiT and Leo Laporte are now known for. It’s got his dick pic, cunt pic, and most importantly, Leo’s prized possession lease, the Tesla Model X. Is he compensating for something? Yes.

Be sure to put your suggestions in the comments and tweet @leolaporte, @lisadlaporte, and @artisanalllc. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, post your suggestions on that Facebook post!

Here’s what Anthony made.

twit eastside logos

Reader Submissions


drama6108's TWiT Eastside Logo Submission
drama6108’s TWiT Eastside Logo Submission


Total Drama Eastside Studio Logo on the Inside TWiT Facebook Page
Total Drama Eastside Studio Logo on the Inside TWiT Facebook Page

26 thoughts on “TWiT Solicits Strip Mall Studio Logo”

  1. I like the use “Eastside Studio” to differentiate it from TWiT’s other studios… oh wait, they just have the one.

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    1. I agree. It’s the name of a show…and yet all the contributors were known as “Twits” (this week in techs??). Remember the old theme song (“I’m a Twit, you’re a Twit”)? Amazing how virtually all of those folks are LONG gone…and all of the relationships ended badly, thanks to Leo and his Yoko/Eva Peron partner in crime.

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  2. Leo had lost some weight, but he’s gained it all back. He’s starting to look like a walrus again. Love those old man suspenders he’s wearing now. Yoko must be thrilled because he won’t be able to fit in the Tesla soon and she can drive it all the time. Eat up, big boy!

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  3. this is just stupid period. you need a new logo? wtf is that. people will be like wheres the other studios leo oh wait you have none. ugh morons. nicknaming it is one thing but making logos that imply theres more than one is stupid.

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    1. You should see the logo above the gate into his back yard, it says “TWiT Festering Hot Tub Studio”. They do a lot of filming in that location though most of it ends up solely on the server he uses for his Cuckolded porn website.

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  4. There was a time Leo could pull of TTG by himself. Anyone with Google search as well as the whole chat room searching could pull off a 3 hour hack show. There are too many devices especially when you don’t bother to prepare for the podcast.

    Twit will survive. It will never have any talent or content. It will always be the same dry rehashed shit with the faces only changing.

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  5. From the FB post this comment was noted:
    > They are planning on using CUNY in New York as a TWiT studio and they have already beta tested a show there with Jeff Jarvis and hosted an episode of TWiG

    So the west coast will be for more average presenters: earnest and solid. East coast will be more high brow, intellectual and catering for the elites & our betters.

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