The glory of the classic TNT fuck-up

In an age of incredible technological advancement and fast-paced news reporting, sometimes it’s nice just to be able to sit back and take in a world-class fuck-up. Mike Elgum and Lindsey Turpentine do not fail in this instant classic—presented here with no further commentary. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “The glory of the classic TNT fuck-up”

      1. It’s because TNTs format is fucking shit. It’s stupid. Having random reporters Skype in is dumb. A lot of them are not good at being in front of a camera (like Elgan). They keep on forcing it. It sucks. Just sucks!! The old TNT format was better. Long live Tom Merritt. Gonna go listen to Daily Tech News Show now.

        P.S. Hey Elgan! You’re not funny. Your stupid fake smirk make me want to punch a wall.

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  1. They must be desperate for guests, why do they keep having that CNET fatty on TNT? Her only claim to fame is a stupid podcast she used to do for chicks with Molly Wood… all they talked about were dildos and junk.

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  2. Remember the good old days when ‘guests’ on TNT were actually called before the show to check their connection and that everything was set up and could hear and see what was going on?

    Whoever is TD /producer/gopher now, should have sorted this out before going on air. Worst still Gumboy and Turpentine should have heard what the guest was trying to say and interpreted it as ‘something’s wrong.’ But hey, that’d be silly, we all know that Gumboy is set to ‘transmit shite only.’

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    1. Annnnnnd that is EXACTLY what h\appned here, the Producer DID call ahead, that part of the video is supiciously absent from the Proof. You are all acting like a bunch of FoxNews liars. Get it together – this shit be Straight Outta Context!

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      1. Only going by what was on the video! However anyone witha brain would have thought ‘why does he keep saying hello’ but instead all Turpentine thought was ‘I’ll keep on going’

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  3. We cant be lying on – you said there was no commentary, and yet there is. And it IS fine, as she said she “wrote it both ways”, which is of course the professional thing to do. I dont get it, do you purposely leave shit out or are you just mostly deaf?

    I’m all for kicking Leo’s ass when he is an ass-hat, or making fun of real mistakes, but this is getting rediculous.

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    1. When your format is to get 4-6 guests and a cohost on skype, the show will be a mess. They always have skype issues or audio issues.

      The mess was much worse then what is shown here, it started about 5 minutes earlier and they were unable to wing their way through it like they are supposed to do if they wrote it both ways.

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  4. I don’t think we can blame the ‘guest’, we cannot blame the TD. The blame lies squarely on Mike Elgan’s shoulders!

    He was the one that decided to ‘just go with it’ and it went south from there!

    I didn’t start viewing until this C.F. and I realized that it would end up being a mess and trouble the way that Mike Elgan tries to play it out is that it is the fault of another. What it did was make the poor guy look stupid and the TD look incompetent Anthony didn’t get a chance to make sure that everything was working correctly.

    There is no excuse for piss poor production and TWiT has become synonymous with bad production standards. Time and again during a day it seems to be a continuous stream of bad production and TNT is the worst of those.

    In fact TNT is no longer about NEWS! It’s about Mike Elgan promoting his own personal opinions and agenda. Thankfully he won’t be at TWiT much longer.

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