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Leo Laporte’s blatant double standards defy human understanding

Wide-ranging discussions among members of the editorial board here at TotalDrama have left us bewildered at the blatant hypocrisy that Leo Laporte has employed to explain away to himself and others the “family-friendly” nature of his network.

We’re hoping that the commenters can help us come to grips with these two diametrically-opposing viewpoints shared in the video linked above.

So which is it? Is TWiT indeed a “family-friendly” environment that is safe for kids, or is it a neverending fuckfest filled with f-bombs and other profanity that would make even a digital Jesuit in a religious clownsuit blush?

Mike Elgum defends his purple shirt

In this short but sweet video clip, brain-dead automaton Mike Elgum answers a chatroom questioner who dares to liken his trademark purple shirt to a less manly color. Everybody who had eyes and has seen at least two TNT shows knows that Elgum likes to wear purple shirts. He rarely deviates from this misguided uniform because at a fundamental level he’s just kind of a dumb guy. He’s the sort of person who sells out his son’s private wedding during an ad read for a website development company, after all.

If anything, we’d be disappointed if he didn’t show up to work wearing anything else but a hand-me-down from a 1992 Express for Men store’s bargain bin. Here’s to you and your crappy taste, Elgum!