Leo Laporte harasses Heather Hamann

Self-deluded sex perv Leo Laporte gets nasty with Heather Hamann, his call screener for “The Tech Guy” radio show. Leo thinks that she cares about his disgusting birthday weekend with his fugly CEO. Heather does not care and tells him so. Give your boner a rest, Leo. The ladies don’t give a flying fudge about your wrinkled scrote.

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    1. I tweeted this outburst to the fine BHB almost the moment it spewed out of Soup’s mouth. This is something you might, and I emphasize might, say to a male buddy in private, but not to a female work partner. Let’s be clear, HH is not employed by Leo or TWiT, she works for Premier Radio, otherwise the abuse from Leo would approach Sarah Lane’s. I’m really surprised Premier Radio hasn’t called Leo out .

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      1. She likes to use the term “TWiT.TV Producer” but as anyone knows and Adam Curry will tell anyone, a producer is just a term for someone that has even the slightest input to a production.

        So her Premiere Networks contract (she is technically self employed by them) is her true job but she can say that she can say that she is a producer at TWiT.TV because she screens the calls that go through the to the radio show and takes part in the Video Podcast.

        It is sad but Premiere networks are unable to interfere since the acts take place in the “interludes” and are not part of the airtime.

        Leo knows that what he does is wrong, he would have cut the 8 minutes from his first outburst with Ms Hamann was eradicated from the final podcast video as if people would not see it. I believe that it is a regular occurance the eradication of his outburst.

        He knows that what he says is wrong and I still believe while he claims to have not self control over these statements that is a deliberate and personal choice of Leo Laporte to make these outbursts.

        I didn’t grasp that he had made another outburst until I saw the video above, I was stunned and shocked. You see first time he could say it was not intentional, after that it is blatant that the comments were totally 100% intentional.

        This particular incident he manipulated the situation and deliberately coerced Ms Hamann into the harassment.

        Sadly though, First time was his fault, after that it is her fault for allowing herself to be in such situations with someone like him. No employment is worth being placed in such situations with the regularity that she seems to be placed.

        Is this a plan by Leo to bring the call screening under his employment and use his interns or ‘ANALyst’ Jeff Turner as call screener. He seems to stalk the studio at the weekends anyway and it would mean more money for Leo’s lifestyle and offset the cost of employment within the Brick Shit House!

        We will have to wait and see how this rolls out, it is quite possible that Ms Hamann suspects this may be the case and is determined not to be baited by him, it certainly seemed so in the Video clip above!

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  1. While it is a common meme on this site, that Mr. Laporte sexually harrasses women, the truth is he may sexually harass anyone, at any time, about anything.

    I remember a young man calling the past New Year’s Eve show from Holland. He was 10 or 12 years old, and because he was the son in an American family living there, his English was excellent. Mr. Laporte immediately asked, “Have you stuck your finger in any dikes lately?” (I respectfully decline to use the intended homonym) Perhaps raising money for UNICEF this year is belated penance for last year’s behavior.

    Mr. Laporte’s innuendos and double-entendres are invariably juvenile and boorish.

    Just sayin’ and best regards.

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    1. Look, I get it: doing hours of live broadcasting, it’s a real challenge to entertain consistently.

      But this isn’t T-ball, it’s MLB. If you don’t have the chops, you shouldn’t be playing.

      Leo, if you can’t be entertaining without the pathetic, naked insecurities and boasting, if you can’t keep the creepy sexual inuendo out of the broadcast, maybe you lack the talent to be on-air.

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  2. A lot the time if you try to empathize with someone to understand their actions you might gain some insight on a problem. But I can’t figure out what is going on inside Leo’s head when he babbles on like this. It’s not like he’s isn’t aware of something like sexual harassment in the workplace, any number of times he’s participated in discussions on his shows about all kinds of moral and ethical issues that have made the news over the years. Even more puzzling, he does his harassment in a recording studio, where there won’t be any vague ‘he said/she said’ disputes, there’s actual recorded documentation.
    Of course he always takes the high ground when expressing himself to his blindly loyal ‘TWIT army’ but behind the curtain he has shown himself to actually be piggish and an immature pervert.

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    1. After I wrote my longer comment above and was thinking about something that had been nagging me about the video and the other videos.

      Leo Laporte doesn’t say or do something unless there is a reason for it. It is not always obvious at the time. I suspect that this is one of those occasions.

      I thank John who had tweeted me though I was not watching and didn’t realize what I had missed and this is just another piece in a long term plan that will play itself out over the coming weeks or months!

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    1. Good point. I have to wonder if TWIT’s declining numbers have put Leo in a more desperate mode so he will just blurb out crap trying to appeal to another market age group. Funny thing is it’s pretty clear that TWIT started to turn sour once Lisa stepped into her CEO position, and at a time when all kinds of techie stuff is getting more and more popular and ingrained into our culture. TWIT should be rocketing into mainstream media. Now advertisements are for snacks and shaving kits, mixed with requests to buy t-shirts.

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      1. Actually the problem didn’t start when she became CEO but when she became CEO and GIRLFRIEND. That to me was the turning point with the decline of TWIT, sadly. Leo mixed business and pleasure, and now he’s stuck in a corner he can’t get out of as the ship is sinking all around him.

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      2. I think any broadcast has to expand by coming up with new content, and the TWiT network seems unable to come up with new shows which interest people.

        It’s hard. Hell, if it were easy, everyone would do it. But I think Leo and Lisa are really struggling to grow TWiT, and jettisoning employees like so much ballast isn’t going to fix the problem, just make things worse.

        For me, MBW has turned into MacBash Weekly over the last few months, and I’ve stopped listening. Leo doesn’t provide any constructive criticism, but just blathers on and on about the latest Android release or product, or how Apple is wrong, or has peaked blah blah blah. Heard it all before.

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  3. Deep down Leo hates Kim Komando because she is more successful financially than him.
    Basically he hates all women.
    She has a great family wife and is not a cheat,right Leo?

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      1. Not withstanding many think “real” numbers are lower, and Nielsen’s PPM methods have been challenged by some (Spanish stations in particular), according to Talkers Dec 2014 list, Kim Komando is presently ranked at #10 in USA national talk radio show popularity, with an audience of 1.25 million.

        The last shows they list are those with 750,000, or more, listeners. Guess who doesn’t make the cut? (surprise!)

        Whatever the case, it’s very far from the “millions of listeners” the lardy liar proclaims his weakly shows have. But how could millions NOT listen? Don’t they know how important and wonderful he is? Any celebrity he’s met, for more than 10 minutes, instantly becomes his best friend! That’s just how great he is folks.

        Let’s not allow facts to get in the way of feeding anyone’s histrionic personality disorder now. Especially not silly talk about how very few people appear to be calling into a show which is nationally syndicated. That’s AT&T’s fault! If it’s not theirs it’ll be the screeners fault! Or the callers fault! Or..

        It’s sure gonna be fun when there’s nobody left to blame but himself and the fugly money-grabber. Hopefully that happens before things sink so far that even the drama fans won’t give a sh*t.

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        1. Leo explained once how he went from making something like half a million a year for TTG to more than a million a year once Lisa started running ads on the TWiT livestream while TTG was in commercial.

          It’s astonishing to me that he’s nowhere close to Komando’s numbers and is still a millionaire. What a world.

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          1. Are those ad revenues or money paid by premier to Leo? I doubt the latter because leo said he gets 1/10th of what Rush Limbaugh gets paid. And rush gets paid $100 million. According to Leo. So that means leo gets paid $10 million a year by premier radio for TTG. Then resume my the ad revenue of $1 mil + is gravy.

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