“I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours” H.S. Thompson

October eighth will be a day which will live in infamy. After a longer hiatus than TWiF, the eagerly anticipated Inside TWiT returns. Laporte is scheduled to talk lie about the recent show cancellations, his treatment of Amber MacArthur, the masked host who betrays him, the troll problem and of course the N.A. banning.


The NA banning seems to be the most anticipated nugget. Will Laporte speak true? Unlikely. But how does he respond? In my mentally ill head and based on my knowledge of the sociopath, he has two options:

1) Laugh it off and say ‘of course Brian is not banned I love Brian’ but never invite him on again.
2) Shit all over Brian for being a troll and say he is banned, until he needs him (alla Dvorak banning) and then have him back on TWiT.

Let us know what you think:

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Sarah’s noise-cancelling headset will be off for this can’t-miss-TV.

13 thoughts on ““I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours” H.S. Thompson”

  1. While I think that he will lie and say they are not banned it is pretty hard for him to do it after his postshow-TTG preshow-TWiT outburst and then going off camera and having the room mic’s switched off.

    Nor can he really lie after the the blatant shots fired with his fake meeting Montage he did with Two-Ton and Matchstick where the little Weasel Needles squawked “Does the Room Mic need to be turned off for this meet and LeoTurd grins at the camera and says, no shouts, NO! then makes a snide comment referring to Brian Brushwood.

    Soup really thought that there would have been dust settled by the time they got back from their 5 Dinner trip to London (how embarrassing to refer to length of a visit by the number of “dinners” you ate though that is his reference whereas we all know that it was probably a 50 Dinner dinner trip) and didn’t count of the N.A. banning issue to come to light — he thought that BB & JRY would have just rolled over, taken it and kept silent about being abused by him.

    @LeoLaporteSucks will have to be vigilant because there will be so many kicks and banning just before, during and just after in the name of Leo’s Opennish!

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  2. Yo Dawg.

    Leo is a misogynigga and a racist. Where all the people of color at?

    There is not one black host and not one black employee. Padre doesnt count, he’s part Horatio Sanz and part Pillsbury Doughboy and Sarah Lane is part Guatemalan.

    Whats up with that?

    Why he aint hiring no black people?

    Know what I’m saying?

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    1. Yes, for a man who made a big deal about Apples diversity statement saying it showed a lack of diversity it seems interesting that he doesn’t have a very diverse employee list. What about TWiT’s diversity statement?

      You too right there is no diversity in the Brick Shit House and Padre doesn’t count, he thinks he is a 1930’s radio announcer, he even keeps wearing the white gloves, maybe he IS TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR IT by pretending to be AL JOHNSON.

      I am sure that he will make some wild claim that they have some that are working down in the basement. Elgum has a dislike of blacks seemingly, never see a black reporter on his show either and there is only the rare and occasional appearance of Markus Brownlee on the TWiT.

      Thank you for alerting us to something that we have allowed to slip from our focus!

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    2. It may explain why he decided create his studio in expensive Petaluma over a much cheaper place like Oakland., he wants to avoid hiring or being seen with blacks at all costs.

      There are so many black female bloggers and news reporters out there but have we ever seen a black female guest ever on any of his programs?

      Sarah’s boyfriend who is black-ish was seen in the studio when Leo took the week off but he is not seen when Leo is “On Duty”.

      I suppose all of this is understandable because after all Blacks are obnoxious, sexually aggressive and morally corrupt business people …oh wait, that’s Leo.

      1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzd5mWSJe84

      2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWQy83y_CtA

      3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FTOqJmdI48

      What a fat racist schmuck.

      He needs to be confronted about this during Inside TWiT.

      I DARE ScooterX and Dan to boot someone for asking why arent there arent many black guests and no black on-air employees on TWiT.

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    3. Specially for your Jerome I went onto Twitlive IRC and asked that very question about the lack of Blacks on the show. I’ve only ever seen two Black people in the past 12+ months, one for on the short “TWiT” before he went for his Vacation, sorry I Mean Business Trip, and before that Markus Browlee. Hardly what I would call having a some sort of balance.

      I was shocked to find that I was not banned for saying it. I chose to make the comment and leave. I did use the name “ACLU” so many the Mods were worried that they were being tested with a potential for their Cult Leader being publicized as the racist he is.

      I will ask again next time I get a chance. Shame I am not around this weekend much or I would ask on TWiT.

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  3. Dan’s troll alterego

    [18:14] (@Mick) Leo Dan used to be an awesome troll. He’s mellowed out with age! Like fine wine I guess :p

    [18:14] (&Dan) used to be..

    [18:14] (@Mick) haha

    Dan is doing on heck of a job for free

    [18:17] (~Leo) thanks Dan

    [18:17] (&Dan) ๐Ÿ™‚

    [18:17] (~Leo) you do a superb job

    [18:17] (~Leo) and I’m very grateful

    [18:17] (&Dan) thx ๐Ÿ™‚

    Leo on Sarah

    [19:33] (WIguy) Leo, by the way the IPT preshow is one of the best shows on, i love it (seriously) ๐Ÿ™‚

    [19:34] (~Leo) thanks wiguy

    [19:34] (WIguy) Leo, if I get to see it on Moday it makes my day

    [19:35] (~Leo) I don’t know what comes over us WIguy

    [19:35] (~Leo) frankly it’s totally self-indulgent, but Sarah and I have this crazy chemistry and I can’t stop myself

    [19:35] (WIguy) lol

    [19:36] (~Leo) I’m a mess without her. I want her so damn much! I love being with her. I love being near her. I love her laugh! I love her scent! I want to be with her. I want to be inside her. I want her inside me. When this all gets sorted out, I think she and I should get an apartment together.

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  4. Looks like we all got it wrong, there just was no acknowledgement of NA or the blow up, just the background work to remove from all history the show, it’s kind of something that you would expect from China, North Korea or another country run by a psychotic maniac. Hmmm, guess he is doing what would be expected of him!

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