Leo Laporte suspects people don’t like him

In a striking development it appears Leo Laporte wasn’t the most revered employee at ZDTV/TechTV after all… what the fuck?

Random TechTV janitor is upset he was not asked to send in a video tribute

During The New Screensavers “show prep”, he asked Emmy award-winning producer Jerry Wagley (wow times must be tough) how many of his ex-coworkers were contacted to submit a video tribute for the 20th Anniversary TechTV segment.

Surely the people that worked every day around this amazing man would have some good memories of those times, right?

Apart from the usual suspects who are still trapped or enslaved, and the guy who was behind operation suck TWiT dry, it was pretty much the ghost town you expected. Video is above.

The animosity towards Leo Laporte was also confirmed when nobody told him (not even his own staff!) that TechTV was throwing a 20th Anniversary party in San Francisco. How is it possible that the beloved king of TechTV was not made aware of this? The event had been advertised on Facebook which we all know Leo has quit (numerous times), but it’s completely unknown at this time why nobody mentioned this to the captain himself, the man who was at the helm of TechTV until the time it hit the proverbial iceberg.

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29 thoughts on “Leo Laporte suspects people don’t like him”

  1. My god, Leo Laporte is not exactly perceptive is he? He’s fired people on a whim, whoops he’s made them offsite producers on a whim. Given out horrible advise to callers on his show. Mocked listeners and cohosts on air. Made fun of foreigners mocking their accents, mocked minorities on camera. Sexually harassed women on camera both at TWiT and while he was TechTV.

    He is probably more disliked now than at any time of his life, maybe he lives in the same echo chamber that Mike Elgan lives in where he actively claims “He is the most lovable Journalist in the world” while Leo believes “He is the most beloved Tech Host in the World”.

    He is a delusional narcissist and he will continue to live in that self contained bubble of a fake reality he has created for himself. He will start telling people that he received an invite to the 20 Year bash, but it clashed with a family event or something like that.

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  2. On DTNS Snubs reports that a stalker tracked her down through GPS co-ordinates in a video and visited her office. I hope it wasn’t anyone known to this website.

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    1. Jibbering Jeff Jarvis:
      On DTNS Snubs reports that a stalker tracked her down through GPS co-ordinates in a video and visited her office. I hope it wasn’t anyone known to this website.

      He probably just wanted to see if those tatas are as amazing in person as they are on the Internet.

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  3. Someone should teach that asshole some manners. Chewing his cud with his mouth open like the cow he is might be the most annoying trait of the TwAtHole ever.

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  4. Don’t know if it’s animus so much as indifference. Leo’s a wash-up now so why go to the trouble of recording a video to kiss his ass?

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    1. Rose must be desperate. Didn’t he work for Google ventures once? What’s he doing back sucking from Leo’s teat?

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  5. Comments for the 360 tour video, all 18, have diapered, Lisa must have been lurking about and couldn’t chance one negative remark. She is a horrible living unit.

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    1. You realize how much importance in the podcasting space Leo has lost, once you forget about Totaldrama for months. Haven’t visited this site in months, and haven’t listened to twit since Tom Merritt left.

      Does that glob still have someone funding his operations?

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  6. You are so mean to my precious Leo. I don’t know how you live with yourself. Leo is a kind, generous man with a winning personality and lots of people who love him. Sure he’s got a tiny cock but at least Lisa pretends to like it. I tell everyone I meet how wonderful Leo is and on Friday nights I like to ride the subway whisper to the bums how great he is while gently jerking their homeless cock to completion.
    Just my own little way of making the world a better place for white people.

    Shalom Bitches!

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