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BREAKING: Advertisers Pay More For Larger Audiences

They're on to us!
They’re on to us!

Self-appointed King of Podcasting Leo Laporte has been snubbed by yet another journalist, and Lisa Laporte has taken to her poorly written and formatted blog to try to spin it.

NiemanLab Writer Ken Doctor
NiemanLab Writer Ken Doctor. File Photo.

Ken Doctor, writing for NiemanLab, started a 5-part series covering the business of podcasting.

Guess who NiemanLab didn’t interview. Leo Laporte. Who??? LEO LAPORTE!!!

Yes, that’s right, everybody’s favorite “Huh… that guy is still doing stuff?” wasn’t the first person they went to, but instead they went to actual heavy hitters such as NPR and PRX. What a surprise.

Listen to Leo’s entitled take in the video above, but take away what really pisses him off and scares him.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Advertisers want to actually track the audience engagement rather than believing bullshit “listener” numbers that are the same whether someone downloads and never listens — as is the case with most TWiT podcast subscribers — or someone who listens to the whole thing.

TWiT’s business rests atop a house of cards made up of podcatchers that haven’t unsubscribed but never actually listen to TWiT shows. If advertisers understood this, they might stop giving TWiT money.

Leo Laporte had the brass fucking balls to call out NPR, saying This American Life only has a successful podcast audience because of the radio show, while failing to have a self-realization that he only has a tiny remainder of an audience left because he was on ZDTV/TechTV where they edited out his stupidity/misogyny/etc that we show unedited here.

Masterful CeHO Lisa Laporte took to her blog as she’s done in the past to give us such poorly written gems as:

If you want to have a successful ad-supported podcast, then focus on growing your audience, and then ad sales will follow.


The biggest challenge that Artisanal Agency faces is the lack of downloads on a show.

No shit, you demon-eyed fake CEO. Who lets this woman near a keyboard?