Ron Richards Latest Victim of #TWITLive Chatroom Gestapo

TWiT chatroom is dreary place to be, even if you’re crazy devoted leo psychopants, you still need to pass 9 circles of Hell just to get there. No one is immune to this not even someone like Ron Richard, a host on twit network. Megan Morrone, a closeted racist was being total bitch about it. CAN U NOT, Morrone? Show some humility to your fellow co-host or I don’t know, protest against ceho’s nazi regime.

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22 thoughts on “Ron Richards Latest Victim of #TWITLive Chatroom Gestapo”

  1. Never mind Ron Richards is probably not going to be on for a while, Megan’s trying desperately to get the guys from Good Mythical Morning on as guests on TNT.

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  2. As with almost all the dull posts on this site, this is another attempt to turn a little humor into a big scandal.

    Do you think we’re stupid?

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    1. No one thought you were stupid UNTIL you posted this comment.

      Why is it worth your time to defend ANYTHING associated with Leo Laporte, especially any of the tubcasts produced by TWiT?

      I look forward to parsing your answer.




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      1. People either like or don’t like Leo. People either like or don’t like TWiT.

        It’s obvious why someone who likes Leo and TWiT would spend the time defending.

        The question is: Why would someone who doesn’t like Leo or TWiT spend time building an entire site and commenting, etc.?

        Don’t normal people just find another podcast?

        Why the creepy obsession?

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  3. Interesting 1-10 : 1
    Comedy 1-10: 0

    Ever since they started putting the Leo “Fuck you” at the end of every single video is when TD started to suck.

    If it wasn’t for Leo’s shenanigans and following the twit demise I wouldn’t visit this website..

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    1. #Don’tGiveAFuck

      This site is not here to propagate it’s own agenda. So to your point, no one cares. This site is here to make sure that it is documented that the ever-growing and, apparently everlasting, LEO LAPORTE IS A FUCKING SHITBAG.

      The thing about shitbags is that if they are not changed out, and they overfill, they are soon to pop and everyone is left with shit all over them while the impetus is caught holding the bag.

      That is why we are documenting the state of TWIT. So I guess you could say it has to do with honesty and integrity, not just on a personal level, but also a business level since TWIT is a LLC.

      For the record, there is no doubt in MY mind that every video posted should end with LAPORKE eschewing how he REALLY likes to treat people.



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  4. Ron Richards might be able to lose his virginity if he shaved off those mutton chops.

    Also why is he even on? Is he a journalist or a reporter? I thought he was an Android user who happened to do a podcast.

    Fuck TWiT, they will put literally shit on your screen if they can shove a Casper ad onto it.

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  5. I just found this through sn-569 link. I noticed that author likes to use a word “psychopath” very much. I just want to point out that person willing to dedicate whole website to nothing else but hatred to is much closer to meat the definition of a real psychopath…

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  6. Well not DTNS is on your hate list they just prased the work of tech news today and Megan and Ron’s work keeping the show alive and the same quality as it was when he ran it. Also you banned me for free speech so your all just like Leo only less successful and virgins.

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