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TWiT Puts Four Shows Out of Their Misery

Hot on the heels of firing Mike Elgan, Lisa Kentzell Laporte, CeHO of the TWiT TV Network is cancelling four shows effective almost immediately.

I'm the new News Director.
I’m the new News Director.
Possibly racist Megan Morrone will no longer have to do two redundant newscasts a day. Instead, Tech News Today with Jason and Megan will move to TN2’s 4PM timeslot and TN2 — the show created because Sarah Lane hated Mike Elgan — will die.

Coding 101, home of the liar and fake coder Father Robert Ballecer — which used to feature the fat sack of shit pretending to program and failing to be able to use GitHub — will no longer be on the air after December 21, 2015. Lou is out of a job, except that Lisa claims he will be sprinkled around on other shows, just like Shannon Morse, Justin Robert Young, and Chad Johnson. Does that make Lou an offsite producer now?

IRS don't got shit on me
IRS don’t got shit on me.
Before You Buy, the show Leo uses to execute his questionable IRS tax evasion maneuvers — purchasing toys as business expenses — will end December 18, 2015. Instead, these questionable business expenses will appear on every fucking show just like they do now. Leo will continue to say “Look what I just bought before my next cruise, you poors” on every show he hosts, so the IRS should still be OK with this.

Megan does not look like this.
Megan does not look like this.
iFive, the show that people only watched to see the beautiful Sarah Lane deliver snarky quips about new apps and tips for iOS, is DOA as of today, December 16, 2015. iFive was handed over to Megan Morrone — did you know she’s a mommy? — when Sarah Lane left for greener pastures, but nobody wants to listen to Megan and they certainly don’t want to see her. iFive’s success under Sarah even spawned a copycat show “Android App Arena” hosted by Jason. We don’t yet know if this show will meet the axe in 2016.

We find it hard to believe that CeHO is cancelling shows with active ads. How will the money collector pay for his next cruise? We certainly hope they will not take the unethical step of pointing the RSS feeds for the failed shows to active shows in order to fraudulently get downloads from prior subscribers. We will report if this happens.

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer
Father Robert Ballecer — aka FMCP — will be expanding not only his massive gut, but also his show Know How, to two days. One show will be released Monday but recorded out of view of the public. The traditional Thursday live show will continue.

Hey dummy, wanna help me fill time before a bed sheet ad?
Hey dummy, wanna help me fill time before a bed sheet ad?
TWiT claims they will be covering many “marquee tech events” such as CES, Developerweek, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, and “more.” However, TWiT’s full-time hosting staff consists of Leo plus Megan and Jason, so we’re not sure who’s going to do that. We assume they’ll send out the fat priest to jiggle his neck and grin into the camera.

Possibly, TWiT may have actual professionals like Scott Johnson jam a TWiT-branded microphone into people’s faces, pretending to represent the advertising machine masquerading as a technology podcasting network.