Leo Laporte Jiggles His Jingle Balls

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer
Thanks to Father Robert Ballecer, we have a video for you to enjoy of Leo Laporte shaking his stacked tits, gut, and balls (in order of top to bottom). We weren’t expecting this early Christmas gift from the TWiT TV Network, but here it is. Thanks to Leo and Lisa for letting us do this blog.

Total Drama is not responsible for mental injuries incurred if you press the full screen button.

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39 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Jiggles His Jingle Balls”

  1. Something about this show gets this man going. No, not that. Going crazy.

    Which is just as well, with ipad sales in the dumpster and a target audience that was terribly illiterate to begin with.

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  2. 1. Not funny
    2. The Barney picture is not funny
    3. The edit on the gif is bad, just have the jiggle
    4. We get it with the dic pic, take that off the website
    5. HellWorld is an asshole but he is funny
    6. OK Have nazi mods delete this comment

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    1. 4. We get it with the dic pic, take that off the website

      I say never, Leo wanted to show his dic. It is now in the history of pod casting. Soon to be in the Library of Congress archives.

      It must be a proud moment for Leo LaPorte and all of his families.

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        1. “Did Woodward and Bernstein remove their Watergate coverage from the Washington Post?” I’ve known you are a stupid man, but with this absurdity you establish a new personal benchmark for nitwittedness.

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  3. This is sickening. I thought this was family show. A grown man broadcasting to small kids world wide the bouncing of his junk up and down in children’s pajamas should be locked up and evaluated before being released back into civil society. Leo is one sick bastard.

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  4. I watched that episode of TWiT, and yeah it was full of horny old man comments with not much else other than sounding like an old man that has locked himself away from the tech community for 10 years, and still trying to sound like he’s in the know.

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    1. Dude, Bobby’s boss is either a funny Argentinian with a thing for white clothes or an imaginary bearded old-guy sadist.

      Which is to say that Bobby would be seriously in the wrong line of work if he cared about his employers.

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  5. Occasional listener to both WW and MBW – clips like this help me appreciate the comparative professionalism of PT, MJ, AI, RR AL – Leo, for God’s sake man it’s not funny, whimsical, witty etc. It is embarrassing though.

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