Merry Christmas from Total Drama

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Look at this fat fuck and his skanky wife. Yech!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at the editorial board at Total Drama!

We’re not sure yet what the schedule of posts will be in the coming days, but we wanted to leave you with this beautiful reminder of the love between a fatass diabetes patient and his bitch bride, the home-wrecking cunt of a nightmare: the ever-amazing Leo ‘n’ Lisa Laporte.

May their shitty personalities forever light your world in the New Year and beyond.

33 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Total Drama”

    1. No enhancement, this pic was right from one of Lisa’s Instagram or blog posts. I’ve seen it before. It’s kind of mysterious why anyone would post it in the first place. Leo looks like Jabba the Hut and Lisa just looks like Svengali without the facial hair.

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      1. TD looked into your query. We did some investigative journalism.

        The Chin in question has a Node.Js front end. and a Drupal backend. It is mobile, although somewhat difficult.

        Also of note: The chin has a hamburger menu.

        What we have been able to determine is this is part of a subversive TWiT initiative known as:

        “Chin as a Service”

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    1. That’s not what he said. Don’t be stupid. Really.

      Hey helloworld, post a pic of yourself so I can comment on how ugly you are. It would be the best present of all.

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  1. Merry fucking Christmas TD staff
    thanks for all u do

    as for LeCunts pic greeting my drunk ass ….. thanks a lot TD !!!!!!!!

    What Fucking chin? That fat fuck Leo has rolls of fat hanging off his face
    I’m pretty sure he has to lift up the rolls that have layered over his small fucking dick
    Leo LaCunt your a fat fucking piece of shit
    Stop being excessive with food & gadgets etc ,your carbon footprint must = to 10-20 average people
    stop showing and bragging your useless toys on air instead donate them to the poor
    go donate your time by working in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter you selfish piece of shit
    Being self absorbed .lazy. fat . greedy.wasteful will come back to haunt you

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