Leo Laporte Insults Someone Else’s Penis Size

Leo Laporte previously displayed a dick pic on-screen on The Tech Guy. It nearly killed our servers from people viewing the tiny, gray-haired penis over and over.

You’d think that he’d stay away from penis size comparisons after that event, but you would be wrong, as the video above showed. Has #Soup no shame?

You can follow the rest of the #dickgate coverage here.

18 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Insults Someone Else’s Penis Size”

    1. Seems to me LL likes to be a troll but he just can’t take it when people troll him and his twit soup house network. Way to go with your so called family friendly network. What a joke!

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    1. Wow that’s just absurd. Can you send it in to TD as a tip, to make sure they see it? (They might not see stuff like this in the comments).

      I think we need a detailed list of all the absurd things Leo says that show he doesn’t know anything.

      I’d offer to write it, but I can’t bear to listen to even 1 second of the man anymore 🙂

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