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    1. i am sure she is not a moron. she is just not meant to be doing this type of show.

      leo is supposed to produce these shows. if he put a person like this in the host position, he is the one to blame.

      Stop being so frigging hateful to people that really aren’t “bad” people. Leo is bad. Megan just wants to work and provide for her family. You can’t blame her for that. Leo said jump, she listened.

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      1. Magic: Fuck her family. Little Miss Family Values is a hypocrite. who works for a self-professed sexual harasser and who surfs porn while on the set. And she has the nerve to talk about family values? Stupid cunt.

        She’s a fucking hypocrite.

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        1. It’s good there is a site where people can get together and discuss what’s important. TWiT’s influence on the morals of this country, nay, the world, cannot be overstated. So many of us get caught up in trivial things like the economy, crime, government, etc. while Megan and the rest of Leo’s minions are tearing apart the very fabric of our society. How long before this cancer spreads to other podcast networks, through the internet, and finally, the whole world? Thank you sirs, for working tirelessly every day, year after year, without taking time off for holidays or vacation, to make the world a better place.

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      2. I agree, it’s clearly poor production. The fucking TWiT mat is upside down in the whole shot.

        Clearly the management is where the problem lies, not Megan’s looks or parenting skills. Maybe she shouldn’t be doing product reviews, it goes for everyone on ByB. It’s the producers job to get the right people. If Megan had the talent to know where to put people, including herself, then she’d be the producer. Or not, because this is TWiT and the big man is busy slurping soup.

        Who produces this shit show now anyway? Is it Karsten Bondage the bow tie fuck or ten ton Tonya the scarf fuck?

        The whole show is stupid, ByB was one of the first signs of TWiT going down the tube by doing irrelevant tech due to money grubbing reasons. Who wants reviews from absolute nobodies?

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      3. Magic: You said that Megan “just wants to work hard.” Working hard would mean that she knew what the fuck she was talking about. So now she’s confirmed that not only is she a fuckin’ mess to look at, she’s a disaster to listen to as well. She’s dumb, ugly and getting older by the minute.

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        1. It’s not conclusive proof but you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that someone leading a busy active successful life with a spouse, kids, job, etc. is far more likely to be making more money than an obsessed crackpot who hangs out on a site like this and incessantly makes the same sicko points over and over and over. People like that are rarely able to hold more than subsistance level employment.

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    1. “Jorge”, you’re funny. You expend so much energy on here attacking the people who write the stories, but when something is posted that actually shows, in a nutshell, exactly what we’ve all been talking about (failure to develop talent, failure to ‘produce’ shows, lack of interest in building a credible network, no attention to detail), all you say is “not that big of a deal”.

      It actually is a big deal. This is just one of so many short clips that show why Leo has destroyed his own dream.

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    1. This might be true. In which case, she should stay home with her kids where she belongs, not discuss tech topics that she knows nothing about (especially when she is so biased against anything not made by Apple).

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  1. Magic, you’re wrong there. *Anyone* who works in front of camera should know to prepare for the show they’re about to do.

    So, if I knew I was about to unbox a product, I would either unbox one off-camera so I knew how to undo everything, or I would watch other unboxing videos.

    Then I would get a list of all the new features and learn them – I would ask myself “what is the important stuff to say about this while we unbox it?”

    Finally, I would find out if the product was likely to have any charge or not – and if I couldn’t find out, I would make sure I had a cable handy to pump some charge into it so it can be used while I talked.

    I’ve never presented a show on video before. But I know to do those things, and so should she.

    I agree that Leo – or his managers – should be *producing* the show: the purpose of a producer is to make sure that the prep is done, the narrative works etc. So, in that, you’re right. But in the absence of that, surely basic professionalism should’ve made her actually want to do a proper job there?

    The “it’s got an accelerometer in there, I guess?” is appalling. She is saying “I have absolutely no idea, I’m just assuming based on the type of product this is”. That means she didn’t try to find out *anything* about the product before she chose to do her paying job and presented it on camera.

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      1. If the working environment is so bad that she didn’t even feel able to speak up and say “I don’t know what to do here”, then…. fuck.

        It’s actually possible that Twit, following the way the leader sets the culture of the company, has become petty, bitter, two-faced, insecure, likely to get things badly wrong and then play victim.

        In other words, a culture where people who aren’t fit to do things still do them cos they no longer feel able to say “no, that’s not right”.

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  2. Lisa/TWiT Formula:

    Put someone in front of camera.
    Have them say anything.
    Make they say it long enough that ads could possibly be read.

    This appeals to the TWIT audience. The old, the clueless, the lonely ones sitting alone listening to a voice from the void.

    With the move to the new TWiT OfficeStripMallHouse Located in scenic Downtown er Uptown, er whothefuckknowswhere Petaluma the cycle will have progressed er fallen er tumbled to the next step.

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  3. This is actually really strange… The father is a consummate perfectionist when he does his shows, the guy has everyone check mic levels, camera angles, lower thirds, this that and the other. Yet, on this show he just doesn’t give a rats behind about the product presentation, wonder if it’s because he’s couldn’t care less about fitness

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  4. I remember the last days of stores like CompUSA, Montgomery Ward’s Electric Avenue and Circuit City. Walking around the empty shelves and barren display cases, I remember thinking, “What a ghost town”
    That’s TWIT now…

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