Megan Morrone continues to not care about her job or appearance

It's seems strange that Megan Morrone continues to collect a paycheck for such shoddy work.
It’s seems strange that Megan Morrone continues to collect a paycheck for such shoddy work.
Megan Morrone delivers the news on TN2.
Megan Morrone delivers the news on TN2.

In honor of Halloween, (because, really, what other excuse could there possibly be?) an orange-faced Megan “I’m a Mom” Morrone appeared visibly angry on the set of “Tech News Tonight” yesterday and flubbed her lines, stuttered over pre-written jokes and generally acted like a fool. In the process, the usually well-composed Georgia Dow was thrown off by Morrone’s monster-like appearance as she turned in a less-than-stellar performance of her own. But Dow can be forgiven in the face of the disturbing jack-o-lantern that Megan Morrone presented on-screen.

Hey, Megan: How about doing us all a favor and leaving the pumpkinhead impersonation to EffenDunn?

26 thoughts on “Megan Morrone continues to not care about her job or appearance”

        1. Actually you literally say ” eat a dick “. You are causing people to not come to this site. Seeing you post makes me want to go back to watching and listening to TWiT.

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          1. To be fair to HelloWorld you don’t literally need to eat a dick. I find gently nibbling and sucking the man filth out sufficient.

            But that’s just me.


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          2. I concur. I am growing sympathy for all the people he insults for no reason. If he stuck to people that deserve the hate, it might be a little more comical.

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        2. This is a comment in an article written by Hello World titled “TWiT guest says “colored people” and white panelists say nothing”. In it, HelloWorld tells somebody this:

          “We’re not hateful. TotalDrama is providing a public service by pointing out the racism in our society. Now please show yourself out and don’t forget to eat a dick.”

          My point is proved

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    1. Helloworld is a one trick pony. If you’ve seen one post, you’ve seen them all. Fortunately for him, some people with limited interests don’t require new content.

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  1. I just watched this episode and Megan looked particularly fugly – more so than usual. Really, really doggy.

    And the fact that she mentioned that Morgan Webb on TechTV received “sexist” email saying how hot she was just goes to show hoe far out of touch caterpillar eyebrows is the world.

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  2. Soupslurper: Of course, it’s not sexist. And suppose a female fan told her she was cute? Not sexist, of course.

    My guess? Middle aged-Megan ‘s going through the “change of life” and is being extra bitchy.

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