Correction to the record by the editorial board of Total Drama

We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT.Total Drama has come under intense and sustained attack by commenters pointing out that we have been flat-out wrong about a number of issues recently. We are nothing if not fully engaged in a robust and far-reaching inquiry into truth. So it is with a humble heart and an open mind toward change that the editorial board at Total Drama would like to offer up the following corrections:

  1. Megan Morrone is a beautiful woman with feminine eyebrows who should be allowed to talk about her kids as much as she wants even though she works for a lecherous pig who circumvents the very “family-friendly” nature of the network he purports to uphold. The idea that she is supporting the livelihood of a man who routinely sexually harasses every woman on his staff is ludicrous. And she most assuredly does not look like comedian Demetri Martin.
  2. EffenDunn (Jason C. Cleanthes) is a good-looking man with a full head of hair and clear skin who does not laugh like a hyena whenever he fucks up. In fact, the notion that he has ever “fucked up” is an outrageous mischaracterization of the truth. There was also no point in time where he was unable to run the TriCaster. He has always been good at his job and any remarks to the contrary are just filthy lies.
  3. Lisa Laporte is a talented woman whose bangs are lovely. She most definitely did not “wreck” Leo Laporte’s home and cause his divorce. The fact that she insists on fancy European vacations and expensive cruises should be understood as well-earned time away from her excruciating work schedule of designing t-shirts and looking for windowless warehouses because she botched the TWiT Brickhouse lease.
  4. Amber MacArthur was not fired with no notice before her last show with Sarah Lane and is always happy to have her name mentioned during FreshBooks live ad ads.
  5. Tonya Hall is a slender and lovely woman and the idea that she would be referred to as “Two Ton Tonya” is just completely horrible. Her show “Marketing Mavericks” was not cancelled. It is simply on “hiatus” forever.
  6. Leo Laporte is a caring father and the fact that he did not tell his mother about his marriage to Lisa Kentzell should not factor into anyone’s decision as to the true nature of Leo’s relationship with his mother. Leo did not cheat on his wife. She simply decided to “go away” on her own.

126 thoughts on “Correction to the record by the editorial board of Total Drama”

  1. Here’s another theory:

    The actual programming on TWIT has gone to complete and utter dogshit such that even Fatso Laporke’s ass-licking sycophants are compelled to start spending their free time on armed with the same lack of acumen they learned from Chief Fuckup.

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    You’re just like Donald Trump – one day claiming that all rape victims deserved it, then after an outcry claiming that only 99.9% of rape victims deserved it.


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  3. Edit to Correction :
    Lisa Laporte is a beautiful specimen of a female human. She is not, nor ever has been, a primate with a penis. She is one of the smartest CEO’s in the Bay area and is giving up so much so that she can help make TWIT be exactly what Leo wants it to be. Lisa has a beautiful garden between her legs that she let’s Leo play in when he has been a good boy. Everyone at TWIT is sooooooo wonderful. I looooooove them all.


    Clearly he writes with a stream of consciousness style. That is what it is. I like that he doesn’t give a fuck and continues to have the balls to post EXACTLY what he thinks at a given time….AND DOES NOT EDIT IT. 2/3 of the time it’s great stuff, and even when it’s not I ALWAYS laugh.

    HelloWorld — Thank You for Your Courage motherfucker. I am proud to consider you my spiritual kin on the east coast of West Gitmo.

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  4. I really hope you don’t truly feel attacked HelloWorld. Cos you’ve got a lot of people, like me and Ol’ Sintek up there, who absolutely love you and absolutely think there’s no contest between you and the people who attack you.


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    1. One writer? After going to the site for a few times I realized that too. On the posts about Megan even plenty of the comments supporting Hello World seemed to posted by the same guy. Posts like that make me wonder why I even go to this site.

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  5. Without HelloWorld, I wouldn’t have any reason to wake up in the morning, open the blinds and say, Hello, world.” Thank you HelloWorld for all that you do and even some of the things you don’t do.

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  6. So, again, how is this “news”? Also, how is this relevant to anything to do with the shit going on at twit? Just leave it alone, move on.

    I equate this to a slow news week, I guess.

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    1. Not everything in life is news, Magic. You don’t like a good feature story, cartoon, recipe, book review or other non-news content in your newspaper, blog or TV show?

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  7. Helloworld

    You had your run. You cannot write like you could at one time..

    Give it up nobody cares about your shit anymore. You just can’t do it.
    Walk away with some dignity, because there was a time you could do as well as anyone.

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  8. Total Drama could be an effective heads-up for changing the minds of TWiT fans who may have growing doubts that their hero, Leo. is a sincere, honest person (he’s not) and that Lisa is a qualified producer/programmer dedicated to creating quality tech journalism (she’s dedicated only to making low cost dumbed-down shows and hawking bobbleheads, hoodies, and candy for dogs).

    But sadly, when newcomers visit this site, they are confronted with utter nonsense, absurd exaggerations, and grade school humor that relies on “cum” jokes, scatology, and cruel personal attacks on the physical imperfections of TWiT staff — humor that 99% of adults left behind at their high schools.

    Frightened away by these rantings of an emotionally disturbed Travis Bickle wannabee, they conclude that Leo and his apologists in #sheeplive must have been right about Totaldrama being a cesspool of bottom-feeders.

    Thanks, Helloworld.

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    1. Stephen, not true. If you bypass the two or three last topics, 98% of the topics relate to the site’s mission.

      Seriously, I don’t get all the hate to HelloWorld. He’s having some fun . That’s all. We can’t yell and scream about #soup all the time, can we?

      Commenters need to lighten up. You know the next #soup screwup, you know HW and the editorial team will be alll over it. If you’re not interested in his posts ( which I find hilarious) , just skip it and return another time.

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        1. Not when roughly 43 out of 45 posts insult HelloWorld. I dont know this for a fact, but I’m guessing he can close this site down if he wanted. And I wouldn’t blame him for doing so with all the hate thrown his way in this thread.

          Remember it costs time and money to administer this site. Why should he even bother? Again, you haters need to lighten up.

          Be careful what you wish for….

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          1. 1. No one is wishing that the site close.

            2. Helloworld does not pay for or adminster the site. lkalif, NikHoltzer, and BruceS are responsible for the site’s existence.

            3. Stop “guessing.” You’re wrong 75% of the time.

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      1. That’s because there are two people that everyone hates here. I am actually suspicious whether they are the same people. Holden and HelloWorld.

        You seem to compliment each other a little too frequently. It is almost all too obvious that you are the same person.

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  9. I don’t understand why people believe it is okay to attack someone because they work for a jerk. Most of us have worked for a jerk (some worse than Leo). Just because you work for a jerk, that doesn’t make you a terrible person worthy of attack.
    And, the attacks are inconsistent. There have been repeated attacks on effendun and Megan, using the argument that they deserve it because they continue to work for/support Leo, but I haven’t read one single tiny criticism of Jason Howell. He has worked for Leo way longer than the other two, and he seems to be a big supporter/defender of Leo. Why not attack him?

    It is because these attacks are personal and against people you don’t like for whatever reason – not because you believe in some need for variety in the posts or because these people deserve it because of something they have done, or because of who they work for. And, there is nothing funny about those attacks to me -there is no humor in them that I can see. In fact, those attacks are way meaner than I anything I have ever seen Leo say to someone.

    HW must be at least as egomaniacal as Leo. They both seem to treat critics of their work with similar disdain. Leo bans his critics, or belittles them. HW attacks his critics or belittles them. Neither can internalize the criticism and use it for self-improvement, or the improvement of their work.

    HW/TD, if you don’t really care about what your readers think (at least not when they are in opposition to you), I am not sure of the point of any of this. I have read your argument that TD is like a newspaper, but a newspaper would be interested in what the readers thought, and would even work to please the readers – from the front page to the comics. A newspaper would NEVER attack them, or openly mock them.

    I have also read your argument that it is just humor, all in good fun. But, most readers are saying it isn’t funny, and you are telling us we need to get a sense of humor or lighten up?!? A comedian would be interested in what their audience thought of his performance, and would work around them rather than trying to insist they are wrong. It seems to be that you just aren’t funny.

    I have enjoyed the posts here exposing Leo and revealing his true self. And, there has been a lot of good discussion from the former TWIT fans who have found their way here, and have chosen to stay (I suspect that would be a much larger number without the pointless, hateful, personal attacks). However, I can’t really support a place that doesn’t respect or listen to the fans, and attacks and abuses them and others (wouldn’t that make me just like Megan or effendun or Jason Howell??) . That is why I gave up on TWIT. Accordingly, I bid your farewell.

    P.S. This is the point where you tell me you don’t need me and I can go ______________________________

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    1. Great post SLY. I agree with every word of it. I think it HelloWorld will probably carry on doing the same shit. Rather than listen to everyone he thinks he knows better than the rest. At least his alt account Holden will still be cheering him on no matter what.

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  10. To HW haters: All I can say is this is HW’s site; not mine nor yours. You may not like the personal criticism of TWIT employees. The reason we all dislike Megan is she’s “Miss Family Values” and works for an admitted sexual harasser and porn watcher at work. Sure, we’ve all had bad bosses, but my morality trumps illegal behavior, which #soup is guilty of. You don’t see the hypocrisy of that? Also, she brings her kids into that environment. You think that’s right?

    The first thing a writer must do is to be true to himself. You can choose to share the ride or bolt. It’s your decision. I guarantee all your bellyaching will not change his mind a bit and this site will live on.

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    1. It’s the way she let’s her kids fawn all over leo that is the dealbreaker for me in regards to Megan. Also, effendunn deserves it as he convinced Leo he was skillfully trained for the job when it is clear he is picking most of it up as he goes along. Also, effendunn is a fucking moron not to realize the risk of leaving a pension behind to join Leo’s sinking ship (it was already sinking when he came aboard). These are reasons that Megan and effendunn have drawn the ire of the editorial board. If you don’t see that, fine. However, pls stop with the bullshit statements that some at TWIT should be exempt of our anger. Hell, even Howell is becoming more embedded and entrenched with the toxic TWIT brickhouse school of thought. I like to think that Jason does it for his wife and fam or he’d be gone. Lately, it’s been increasingly difficult for me to give Howell a pass. He’s becoming more and more shill-like.

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    2. You miss the point.

      If one thinks a woman shouldn’t work for a man, because he is a sloppy, lecherous creep, I’d make the modest sugggestion that one then shouldn’t continuously describe (as gaping) the size (huge) of the woman’s vagina or send her Tweets about her enormous “cunt.”** Why not? Because sending these Tweets is more of a crime and uglier than anything Leo ever did.

      ** As Helloworld does and gleefully boasts about and links to in TD IRC and not just to Megan but to almost every other woman who has appeared on TWiT using 100’s (literally) of Twitter accounts that are banned within hours of their creation. Ask these women how funny they find these Tweets.

      ** This is by Helloworld’s own proud boasts on Totaldrama IRC that he posts links to.

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  11. Ken Sintek,
    Listen up ass wipe. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you or I say.
    You inner circle pussies are consumed by hate. The dic pic story was a good article, look at that and the shit people make up.

    I would hate to see TD fold. Sucks when a troll gets trolled.
    Keep it going Kenny, the has been tech guy is loving it.

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      1. Also, I have no fucking skin in this game. I am just a technologically illiterate fool who found leo right at his apex and then has stayed around for the tumultuos downslide, mostly because I am a HUGE Dvorak fan. The rest has just been keen observation from a dude on the outside. So Fuck You and the horse you rode in on, Conan.

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    1. I say it’s time for TD to close down shop and for everyone to find another hobby. Yes, Leo has turned his podcast network into shit. But there are many podcasts to choose from, like DTNS, 5by5, etc. Nothing lasts forever, and to keep obsessing over Leo and TWiT is unproductive and frankly, more than a little unhealthy. What did we do when broadcast TV started to suck? We moved on, and we found better and smarter alternatives. Why not do that here?

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  12. Goddammit People! How quickly you forget why this blog exists in the first place. Revisit the the updated FAQ and refresh your memories:
    Newbies need to be directed here as soon as possible so they can get a rundown as to what’s up and realize how fucked up TWiT really is. Leo HATES you and HATES your children. Wake up.

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  13. Just an observation to those complaining about the last couple of HW posts. The complaint seems to be HW is not reporting news. Well, if any of the complainers have any news to report, please do. If you are complaining HW and TD are no longer meeting your needs and just reporting shlock, then indulge us all by pointing the readers and writers of TD to any news you may deem appropriate for TD.

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    1. I did. I went to the chat and posted the revival of “leo’s scale” twitter account. They took the link and turned it into an entertaining story about how leo’s weight loss goals have changed .

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    1. Are you a moron?

      We make no threats of harm, we simply take small video clips from TWiT and wrap a fun story around them. There is no basis for a successful lawsuit.

      And…. eat my pussy. I need to cum.

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  14. As president of the Internet I demand that you all shut your cock holsters before I go against Congress and send in the Marines to make this place an electron wasteland.

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  15. This site is following TWiT to shit.

    The only purpose they still serve is to show readers things they miss asshat-Leo doing on twit. Other than this, td does nothing now. Everyone, and I mean everyone, now knows the truth about Leo.

    Helloworld’s posts don’t bother me, I skip them and I don’t understand why his posts annoy people. If Helloworld leaves then totaldrama will disappear and we will not know anything Leo says and he (Leo) will get worse.

    @leolaportefraud is the only other source so I suggest people stop bothering HW and let him do his thing. The site sucks but they do compile the clips and news.

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    1. “If Helloworld leaves then totaldrama will disappear ”

      If Helloworld left, TD would not fold, because he is only one of around 4 other (vastly superior) contributors. The others do not make things up in order to be “funny.” The others are not afraid of women’s private parts, so they are not obsessed with them or deal with sex in general by debasing it.

      There is not enough new content that is relevant to TD’s topic to publish new posts as often as is done. This leads to Helloworld’s pathetic posts. He has to make things up in order to have something to write about. When he makes things up, he exposes, perhaps inadvertently, the reality of his own inner turmoil rather than the turmoil at TWiT. His twisted mind makes TWiT look like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

      Many blogs post new content only when there is something new to write about. TD should follow that schedule. It’s not like they need page reads for ads.

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  16. Maybe you guys pissed him off so much he’s not in a hurry to create new posts.

    In fact, I’d be surprised if he didn’t shut down this site. After all, why bother if all you do is insult him? Remember it costs time and money to maintain this site.

    If it were me, I’d shut down the site right now since you haters don’t appreiate all his hard work.

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  17. Enough.
    Let it go. If you don’t agree with Helloworld’s posts move on. This place is starting to sound like Soup’s cheap shots. Erik, JCD, and others, remember it’s Leo who is the jerk off.

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    1. “remember it’s Leo who is the jerk off.”

      Exactly. This blog is supposed to be exposing and calling-out Leo for his treatment of women and telling of lies, not surpassing him in lewdness, misogyny, and deception. (Leo thinks his shit is just for fun too. It ain’t and HW’s shit ain’t either).

      Totaldrama has to figure out what it wants to be. Is it a site that hopes to have a growing, mainstream audience in order to increase awareness about the shithole Leo and Lisa have turned TWiT into, or is it just a place for seven social outcasts to gather and make each other feel better about their failed lives?

      If it’s the latter, Helloworld should be given a promotion. If it’s the former, Helloworld should be given the boot.

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        1. Helloworld will never answer why TD gets to “be more than one thing.” but TWiT can not.

          Twit can have a family friendly chat but can’t let Leo make adult jokes. Why not Helloworld?

          TD should just shut the fuck up already.

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        2. Wrong. Normally socialized people are totally turned off and scared away by titles such as “Megan Morrone increasingly looking more like a talking piece of cat shit.” Even the great majority of TD commenters who are not mainstream people are disgusted with you.

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      1. If you want to get to know the folks behind TD, check out their chatroom. Say what you want about #twitlive, the discussions there are (mostly) intelligent, civil, and informative. Here it’s (mostly) immature, churlish, and mocking with countless links to animated gifs (the same ones repeated over and over ad nauseum), and porn photos. I’d much rather hang out with folks like Dr. Mom (and yes, even EffenDunn) than with most of the people in TD.

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        1. Bernieclaus You think the TD blog is bad? You should take a look at its chat. The same half dozen people hang-out there all day with only one subject: how awful TWiT and Leo and Padre etc. are. I agree. They suck big-time (as does Dr_Mom, imo), but they waste the whole day, every day watching what they hate and whining about it from morning til night. It may be the sickest thing I’ve ever seen. Some of what they say about Leo and the others is true, but a lot of it is invention or crazy exaggeration, because they have to keep a patter going and they run out of the true stuff.

          But true or not what the fuck are they doing spending days, weeks, months, soon to be years, glued to as if they were locked in a room and forced to watch it. They say hating is fun. Hating is not fun. That’s their problem. They are so far gone they don’t know that anymore.

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  18. Did anyone catch the 10/25 TWIT? Those dawned lower thirds block my view but it looked like Mark Milian was wearing a wedding band. Who is the lucky guy/Girl?

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      1. HelloWorld, you god damn nookie licker, you…

        Everyone is bored with this post (to be honest it was pretty much filler right from the get-go)… Plus this crappy cut’n’paste template web page kinda breaks down after 30 comments on a story… (we are at 122 now).

        So get your lazy ass in gear and compose another hate-filled masterpiece whilst TOSSING MY SALAD!

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