Total Drama commenters are losing their shit

We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT.
A reminder that Total Drama is a mix of fun and fact.

Just a quick note to the shrill commenters on the latest hate-posts regarding Megan and Effenstupid:

You all need to pull your heads out of your asses and realize that Total Drama is a frothy soup of commentary, comedy, investigative journalism, hyperbole, facts and fun.

If you’ve ever picked up a newspaper in your life, you’d realize that there is hard news on the front page, feature stories on the inside, and oh—get this!—cartoons on the back page.

57 thoughts on “Total Drama commenters are losing their shit”

  1. Well said. Being intelligent beings we can read something, evaluate, and then ignore. If needed.

    I even try to read the various ‘I love TWiT’ blogs. They are out there.

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  2. In other news, HelloWorld feeling’s are extremely sensitive.

    There is a saying somewhere – something like “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it”

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  3. Again, the newspaper analogy makes no sense, newspapers do not say people “look like pieces of cat-shit”. We’re just asking to turn it down just a bit, and direct it more toward Leo.

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  4. “I’m a journalist – but a journalist with a sense of humor. I can spew hateful shit at those undeserving of it and then use comedy as a shield when people call me out on it.”

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  5. a wise woman once said

    the love you make is equal to the shits you take
    turds of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel
    let shit be granted so the ass might be mended

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  6. “…that Total Drama is a frothy soup of commentary, comedy, investigative journalism, hyperbole, facts and fun.”

    I think you left out juvenile ad hominem atttacks.

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  7. I don’t think it’s a literal “it’s a joke” thing. It’s more that the TD guys see the visual presentation side of TWIT as being important.

    I don’t really agree on that – but it’s all part of the stew of TD, and if it comes time to take a side, I take HelloWorld’s side.

    People keep comparing TD to TWIT. TD is an amateur blog posted to by people in their spare time. Its aim isn’t to make money or to be “The CNN of anti-TWIT blogs” or to have a maker-space in its basement. It’s just a blog.

    It doesn’t need to be held up to the same standards as TWIT. TWIT claims to be “family friendly” but Leo says “fuck you” live to camera, shows his dick, “mistakenly” shows sexual stuff on air.

    TD makes no claims to be upholding big moral standards. It’s here to take a nasty look at what Leo has done.

    If TD was my site, I wouldn’t post about Megan’s looks. But it’s not my site. I choose to come here cos I love HelloWorld’s posts, I love how he upsets people, and let’s face it, if he’s gay then I support him by default, being a gay myself and being sworn to uphold the code of the gay mafia.

    When Leo says “if you don’t like it – leave” it means something entirely different. Leo is saying “my business doesn’t need you, my advertisers don’t need you, I am impervious to criticism even though it might harm my business to adopt this attitude”.

    When TD says it, it’s entirely meaningless. TD is a fantastic diversion, and also a labour of love to a degree – but it’s not a business.


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  8. Helloworld doesn’t mind showing he can be a disgusting piece of shit. Unfortunately for him, this also the only thing anyone wants him for. Soon, he may not know how to be anything else.

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  9. Whew – I feel so relieved to know the post about me was a joke.

    Now were is that little dicked boss of mine? I’m sure he needs a BJ. I save my cunt for Effen. ;;)

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  10. lol this story is so misguided it’s not even funny. People are commenting negatively not because they “dont get it”, it’s because some stories are so lame they sound like they’re coming from a teenager with no clue. For example you keep on banging on about homophobic stuff or racial issues, when there is no such issue. Dont just make issues up out of nothing.

    There is so much more you could be writing about:

    1. Jeff Jarvis – He’s a fucking hip shooter with absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Sounds like an old woman pretending to be relevant.

    2. The fact Leo Laporte is shit scared of Andrew Zarian taking his hosts. Did you miss the WW episode a while back where Leo got freaked out about Paul doing What The Tech, belittling Zarian’s setup? Paul and Zarian commenting on it on What the Tech, Paul said he couldn’t believe it. I guess you also missed Leo in IRC telling Zarian that “He knows who he is”, in a suspicious manner. Oh and again, Leo grilling Paul and Mary Jo about who hooked them up with the studio recently in NYC, and asking Paul why he was still there in NYC? That was all Zarian related.

    3. Focus more on the fucking retards in IRC chat – there’s a swath of them. dalepoco and his fucked up radio shit, wiguy and the possible sex offenses he’s accused of, loquacious1 is an absolute bitch with an attitude problem, dr mom thinks she knows everything and is generally a pest, HiTech the old retiree that gloats 24/7 about nonsense. ScooterX and his name-dropping all the time half of which is bullshit, KnoxHarrington fawning over Apple products and updates like some kind of weirdo.

    4. Research more on the timing of Leo Laporte hooking up with Lisa – there’s hard evidence out there pointing toward him cheating on his wife, you just need to know where to look.

    5. Need more Elgan blunders and dumb shit he says. Where’d all these videos go? He still makes the most moronic comments ever, they no longer end up on here. Come on ! Make more fun at the fact he was meant to be in China when there was a RAM factory burned down, or them being the CNN of tech. lol.

    6. I really hope you watch closely at the technical fuckups that are about to occur, when they move “studio”. These idiots still cant even get the audio synced properly all the time. Think back at the Vidyo stuff, it was clear TWiT had no idea what they were doing and had not configured the network properly.

    7. Just poke more fun at fatso himself, did you hear recently he had to ask if their network was on a windows domain? Or if they had ethernet or not? He had both ethernet and wifi going at the same time on his iMac. He’s a fucking idiot who stopped keeping up with technical knowledge years ago. He thinks buying a new phone, or buying a new laptop, is what tech is all about.

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    1. Larry, STFU about chatters in IRC you barney. You have not been in long enuff to talk shit on chatters, smack it up all ya want on the mods, but throwing rocks at certain peeps in IRC makes you a cock sucking monkey ball licking insecure HOMO! You don’t like certain peeps that’s your deal, but as far as I know the names you named that aint MODS are NOT jerks or what ever you called them. You my friend are a fuckin KOOK for talking shit on my friends in class. If I ever see you in the water in Newport I will run you over barney! & if I catch you in a tall building, you are going out the window Hans!

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  11. “Total Drama is a frothy soup of commentary, comedy, investigative journalism, hyperbole, facts and fun.”

    Is the reason I love the site. The post about Megan was none of those. She does her job well and isn’t like Leo, Lisa, The priest and EffinDunne who love (and create) attention for themselves.

    “If you’ve ever picked up a newspaper in your life, you’d realize that there is hard news on the front page, feature stories on the inside, and oh—get this!—cartoons on the back page.”

    No idea what trash newspapers you read HelloWorld but I wouldn’t expect to see an article in ones I read (and they aren’t highbrow by any means) that are nasty about a person’s features that they have no control over and have not behaved in a way to deserve such a critical look at them.

    Your own description of the site is “Total Drama is a frothy soup of commentary, comedy, investigative journalism, hyperbole, facts and fun.” and that article about Megan is NONE of those.

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      1. Lots of people think TD could do better, and are begging them to live up to their own fairly low standards. I don’t think they can do better. The evidence is all around this site. The 5% that used to be good content is gone now. The rabid core of enablers are the loudest fastest voice in the comments, jumping on anyone with decent input. You are worse than what you claim to hate.

        This is as good as it’s ever going to get folks, unless their own Leo Laporte gets replaced.

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  12. Sorry HelloWorld, but the more you choose to bash Megan, the more you come off like the little prick faggot that you are. Leo is a sleazy cocksucker and I loved this site when you targeted him and his cunt whore wife exclusively. But now that you go after people who don’t deserve it and trash their appearance, you’re just a fucking weasel cocksucker, no better than Leo. Eat a dick, faggot. Fuck you and your blog, cunt.

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