“The New Screen Savers” has no live in-studio audience and is basically a total failure

Cancel this, please
Nobody cares anymore about you or your dumb show, Leo.

When the diabetes-ridden Leo Laporte and his whorish, gold-digging bride pinned their hopes and dreams on the TWiT-saving débâcle known as “The New Screen Savers,” they fervently wished that each show would be lovingly adored by a live, in-studio audience. But there would have been no way for them to have had any idea what was in store for them. But the dream became a nightmare  on the August 29, 2015 edition of TNSS: Exactly zero people showed up to watch live.

Just look how fat Mike Elgan looks without his lame blazer. Is every shitty TWiT employee a fatass?
Just look how fat Mike Elgan looks without his lame blazer. Is every shitty TWiT employee a fatass? And look at Leo wipe his sweaty face. YUCK!

Leo asked, “What happened?” when he learned there was nobody to read the traditional cold-open of the lame attempt to recapture the former glory days of TechTV’s legendary live show. So Leo did what any desperate, sweat-covered host would do in this situation: He drafted a fan that came to watch “The Tech Guy” into the worst, most amateurish performance ever.

Just imagine: Lisa’s signature achievement was to have been her crowning glory as CEO of the TWiT network and it’s all just crumbled in her claw-like witch fingers; as the remains of a once-engaging tech network are now but dust under Leo’s fat feet.

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    1. On linux unplugged last week they played an old news clip from 1998 about Linux and its creator Linus torvalds. The host of the ahow, Chris whatshisname had a nice gum dig: he said for those that watch twit the longer clip had Mike el gum in it and that his presentation style was exactly the same back then as it is now “I’ll leave it at that heh”.

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  1. This show is fucking garbage. They couldn’t have made it more boring.

    Fuck off with your earthquakes and El Nanos you fat shit.

    Gotta love how Smellgan has no life whatsoever. Does TNT five days a week, does TWiG, does TNSS regularly… no wonder he has smelly feet.

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      1. LaPorte’s children may not have a lot of money to play with.
        They may have to actually get a job. Ya know Leo had to
        “Kiss a lot of butt” for 20 years. All he’s done lately is switch butts and flush a bunch of money.

        He’s stressed to the max. TD should send a BOD member for an interview on Triangulation. Now I would watch that shit show again.

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    1. I’m not her brother you bastard. I don’t live in a ditch, it’s a box. And Tonya has a restraining order on me that keeps me 1000 feet from that shit house. I blame my troubles on that Leo, he sure is smug. And I ain’t no hobo. I don’t work or travel you asshole.

      def: Hobo, tramp, and bum are all terms for a person who’s homeless and without a steady job. While most folks use these words interchangeably, there is a slight difference between the three—especially to those who live this lifestyle. To be precise, a hobo is someone who travels from place to place looking for work, a tramp is someone who travels but avoids work whenever possible, and a bum doesn’t care to work or travel.

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  2. Fuck TNSS was painfully boring , it’s a bunch of garbage segments stuck in between sponsors

    Wonder how long before fat cunt gets tired of doing TNSS , as soon as you see the sponsors dwindle fat fuck will come up with an excuse or blame someone


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      1. It was terrible. Just another hair brained idea, it’s like let’s get some random person to open each show… who cares if they are barely audible, as long as they are fans!

        It’s really amazing how bad they’ve fucked this up. It’s unwatchable… not like the rest of TWiT unwatchable, like a couple of 12 year olds fucking around with their dad’s camcorder in the basement in the summer. You can’t even have it on as background noise.

        Then again this is the only show Lisa is directly in charge of, right? Explains why TNSS is the jewel turd in TWiT’s crown of shit.

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  3. TNSS is an attempt to recapture the popularity of the old show. I never understood its even limited popularity. I watched the first two “episodes” of the new effort before quitting. Leo appears genuinely torn between what he wants and what the wife/CEO wants. This is too bad because being pulled in different directions lead to a quick, painful death.

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  4. Why would anyone watch TNSS? Honestly. Stand up fans and tell me.

    I’ve moved my podcast listening to topics that are interesting to me and hosts that are listenable. Meaning not TWiT.

    Sam Seder seems to occupy a place in my weekly listening. Nothing like some real left wing talk to get me going.

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  5. I was a teenager when the original screen savers was on. It was kind of like, people just that bit older than you (about my age now) talking tech with Leo. Now it feels like your aunty and uncle talking tech with an out of touch Leo. Wheres the new talent? who cares about ergonomics, and earthquakes. Social media and politics panel… just boring.

    Original Screen Savers, somebody in their 20’s was watching there peers, NSS someone in their 20’s watching Elgan. Like most of Twit the show lacks the energy of the old shows.

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