Megan Morrone has zero self-respect, is horrible example for her children

Megan Morrone, the sad little dog-faced girl who co-hosts “iOS Today” with the fat pig Leo Laporte, has zero self-respect and his a horrible example for her children.

We dare you to watch this cringeworthy clip of Leo ogling her cleavage and then wheeze-laughing his way to an early grave without wondering why in the world Megan would continue to work there one day longer. One has to ask if the paycheck is really worth the harassment and unpleasant work environment. It can’t be, right? It’s such a shame that talented women in tech refuse to stand up for themselves and just leave these abusive situations.

Megan: Think of what your kids must think of you when you allow yourself to be abused this way. Take a moment to watch the video above two or three times—look at your face and tell us that you are happy with the direction your life has taken. Is this the way you want to be remembered…as a milquetoast sidekick to a sexual pervert?

The editorial board at TotalDrama of course wishes you well, but you really need to examine what went wrong in your life.

Wake up, Megan! You are better than this.

23 thoughts on “Megan Morrone has zero self-respect, is horrible example for her children”

  1. CEHO Lisa already has Leo’ Balls on the shelf. How the Hell is he still getting away with this behavior?

    In an unrelated story, anyone else catch Leo the other day, referring to Lisa as “The Pack Leader” , when talking about their cats and dog? I always suspected Leo wasn’t an Alpha male, after I heard the way his children treat him..

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  2. Another article to add to the pile of proof that HelloWorld has some form of mental retardation.

    I don’t get what you guys have against Megan. She’s nice AND is one of the veterans from Screensavers. WTF else do you want? You attack her and question how she raises her kids? Stop stepping over the line and leave her AND her kids out of this!

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    1. Well…she did bring her kids into the creepy shithouse, and as Lisa found out, exposing your offspring to a live feed will not endure your abuse complaints to the local police officials

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      1. Remember when creepy Uncle Leo told her son that they were standing where the “lube aisle” was in the old drugstore?

        Good times.

        The Patio on Keller is gonna have to bleach the building and bring in a real priest to exorcise the demons.

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    2. What we have against her is that hypocritically she *presumes* to be all about family and her kids while (1) working for a guy who showed a dick pic and (2) this incident. That’s why.

      And as long as that ugly cunt keeps talking about her kids we will not relent. Oh, and the Screensavers was a million years ago.

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  3. I have noticed this type of behavior from LL to his (especially women) employees. My opinion is that it is a form of abuse, little by little he does this to break them down. Before you know it, the employees are accustomed to his lewd/underhanded nastiness and accept it as normal. How these people put up with it is beyond me. It’s my opinion that it’s extremely disrispectful to the employee and the employees spouse. Wonder what the TD readers think of my post. Chime in everyone.

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  4. Agreed Mark

    Leo LaCunt is a master at mind game fucking with whom ever he controls , in person or through his podcasts
    Reminds me very much of Bill Cosby, use their “fame” ( what little Leo has) to abuse women , it wouldn’t surprise me if a few stepped up one day to accuse and press charges against him

    One can hope

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  5. What a creepy fuck LEO continues to be. Good catch guys. To “tolerate” this kind of behavior is to enable it. It’s really that simple. Anybody who chimes in here & defends this despicable organization (TWIT) is either not up on what’s being constantly exposed, is in denial or is a creep who supports creeps.

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  6. These women should kick Leo in the balls so hard that his tiny dick shoots out his big mouth.

    Do these women know that they can make anonymous reports to the California Department of Labor?

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  7. Megan is wrong for allowing this, end of story.
    Sarah was wrong too, it was a bad precedent she set.

    Megan takes it because if she doesn’t take it, then she is not as “tough” or “hip” as Sarah.

    This is sexual harassment, end of story.

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  8. On Friday’s Tech News Tonight, that ugly cunt Megan discussed “Social Media Safety for Kids.” What a fucking hypocrite.

    If she’s stupid enough to deal with #soup and all the sexual harassment, then she deserves what she gets.

    Besides, who the fuck names kids Milo and Huck?

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  9. “Wake up, Megan! You are better than this”

    No…no she’s not.
    There’s no disguising the lack of talent even going back to her TechTV days. She’s at TWIT because she couldn’t get work anywhere else and all but said as much when she started.

    She’s sleepwalking through her job which is actually advantageous since nobody else on TWIT has any talent either and being unconscious shields one from many evils.

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