Leo Laporte Drags Steve Gibson Through the Mud Again

"He said what about me??"
“He said what about me??”

In yet another breach of decorum by a supposed professional broadcaster, the editorial team at Total Drama has taken possession of video in which Leo Laporte pretty much takes a sledgehammer to “Security Now” host Steve Gibson, smashing his personality and slamming his general good nature.

One would not be blamed for finding it hard to believe that Leo Laporte didn’t learn his lesson the last time we covered him massively disrespecting Steve Gibson live on-air. Scratch that. #Soup never learns and he’s a sociopath in our opinion.

The video above is just the latest example. Many tips were sent in—so thank you—but it took a while to compile all the footage and give our readers the appropriate context that they deserve.

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a little summary:

  1. Leo Laporte says Steve Gibson drones on when speaking.
  2. Leo says Paul Thurrott will call Steve Gibson “an idiot” over his Windows 10 concerns.
  3. Paul shared the same concerns and refused to call Steve an idiot.

Previous video from the last time:

38 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Drags Steve Gibson Through the Mud Again”

  1. Not wanting a companies hands in your computer is not an obscene idea. Disconnecting the internet is just idiotic to say on leos part. I was supporting leo but guess what leo, fuck you

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    1. Agreed. What an idiotic idea…”pull your ethernet cable”. Windows 10 blows so far. I’ve only been able to play with it for a short time. Hoping there’s something available that will block it from calling home without having to manually disable things and set preferences.

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    2. I had to stop when he said that. Soup is still in the Windows 3.11 mindset. Internet? Who needs that newfangled Internet? What a jag off. If somebody needs and example of how behind the technology he is just show them that clip of him suggesting disconnecting.

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  2. Leo is such a liar. At 3:40 in the video above, Leo claims that Steve said that all an OS should do is give you access to files and applications.

    But that’s what LEO SAID to Steve during Security Now! Steve insisted that an OS needs to give you access to the Internet.

    I think Steve calling Windows 10 a “turd” is going too far, but I did notice that Leo never listed any of the improvements he thinks Windows 10 brings.

    It’s unfortunate that an average user has to do so much work to disable settings in Windows 10 if they want to limit the collection of their data, but this is the direction Microsoft is going. It’s the direction Google and Facebook are going. Nothing’s free.

    Nothing stops anyone from disconnecting from the Internet while installing Windows 10.

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  3. off topic but..has anyone been on the Twit IRc recently? It seems as though they are unbanning us. Is this change due to new mods or something? Tanks.

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  4. Steve is spot on, Leo is often argumentative and dismissive about security issues these days and it looks like Steve is starting to realize that.

    Once all of the hosts have had it with Leo’s shit, something tells me Steve will be one of the last still willing to stick with fatass, and that makes Leo a giant fuckwad for the way he treats him in my book.

    I highly doubt tattling on WW gained Leo any points with Paul and Mary Jo either.

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  5. This is actually part of a much larger issue with technology that Leo is clueless about. His position is consistently to give over information to Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

    They are corporations, Leo is out of his mind and has no foresight. He is comfortable bashing the NSA and US Govt for siphoning information because he says we need to fear the government. “The government has an army.” Moron, those are two independent facts. Take away the army if you have a phobia of govt.

    I am not necessarily in favor of govt aggregating the information, but if I had to choose between the US govt, that is in the end, controlled by the people and subject to oversight, or trusting the board of Directors of Google I will pick the govt.
    If Google can make money with your information, they will, its what they are supposed to do. When the day comes, and it will, that it is not in Googles best interest to protect your data, they won’t. That is fact.

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    1. It’s not surprising he supports giving all info to Google, Facebook, and anyone that will listen. He LOVES jamming himself into everything. Why wouldn’t he support the minuscule chance of promotion they might provide?

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  6. I use to watch SN a lot, but when I stopped watching TWIT shows due to Leo over a year and a half ago, I stopped watching it as well. I miss SN but refuse to listen to it due to Leo. Seriously Steve, come on, you DO NOT NEED LEO! Get with Tom and do a show together, please! At least when Tom sub hosted he was actually contributing to the conversation and seemed to read up on the topics to have an actual conversation.


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  7. Leo just claimed on TWiT that Apple’s snubbing him isn’t an offense against him, it’s a rejection of his entire audience! Hahaha, yeah right asshole.

    What a fucking narcissist.

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  8. Steve’s show is a bore, but #soup shouldn’t be treating him like shit. Why don’t people like Steve and Megan quit? Are they that hard up for money?

    BTW, Thurrott’s a self-absorbed asshole. Mary Jo is nice, but he’s a douchebag .

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    1. Leo has said many times that as a show’s popularity increases, so does the host’s payment.

      If Security Now! has grown by 17%, then so has Steve’s pay, so I can see how he wouldn’t want to lose that.

      Maybe we’ll be lucky enough that TWiT will go under, and Steve can start his own thing somewhere else, with a bigger piece of the profits.

      After all, Leo’s pretty much worthless on SN. He only serves to derail the show with his idiotic comments and pathetic attempts at comedy relief.

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  9. I think Steve is right. I tried Windows 10 for a couple of weeks. Windows Media center is gone. Pay for this and that..nickle and dime. Basic games included. Intrusive programs. One drive, Cortana etc. “Windows as a service’ Sign up for windows account..Nnnoo I uninstalled it and I am much happier with Windows ultimate, from Windows 10 pro. Steve sees it more in depth than most do. I respect both Steve’s & Thurotts opinion, but have to agree with Steve..Leo is such a arrogant sob..

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  10. LL tried hard to drag PT and MJ into the mix to bash on SG, it didn’t work hahaha! Loved the way PT slurped his coffee a la soupslurper style, just classic! I also heard LL on today’s twit trying to get sympathy because apple doesn’t invite him to events, dude is nearly 60 years old and still cries like a little baby, pathetic. The real doozy was when he turned it on Apple by saying it was a dis service to his audience not to him. LMAO this guys is delusional.

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  11. Why is it a disservice, the whole invite thing is meaningless when the event is live streamed. I thought Leo’s bull shit was its better that he doesn’t go because they do more coverage via the stream.

    It’s too bad they never got a CEO, a CEO would get them in. They would have credibility in the industry if they went to events, Leo’s clout is fading hard and Elgum never had clout.

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  12. Soupguzzler has been bashing and talking down Apple and their products for quite some time now, on account of his royal butthurt from being banned from ever attending any Apple events.

    Hey Leo, Fuck You

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  13. I have watched SG 1 time. He seems to know what hes talking about. He is the only person I know that can talk for an hour whilst not taking a breath.
    SG’s voice sounds like one of the priest’s drone hovering. Droning on and on. I can’t get interested.

    Leo insults staff all the time. Why? Because no one has the balls to slap his happy ass and tell him to fuck off. The ones that did in the have moved on to be more successful.

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  14. Leo’s onscreen personality has hardened with Steve in the past several months. Steve hasn’t changed but TWIT has, and it has affected Leo.

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  15. Off topic.

    Heard a host testimonial ad on WABC radio this morning for the exact same hearing aid that Laporke was raving about this weekend.

    Coincidence? I think not!

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    1. Leo put out calls on Twitter for hearing aids last week. I thought it would be a matter of time before he starts talking about one on the air.

      Maybe Mike Arrington had a little insight when that spat occurred between him and Leo over the Palm Pre

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  16. This is how the scam goes:
    1. LL Puts out a call for opinion of hearing aid users.
    2. A few “plants” answer touting how great a certain make/model is.
    3. Maker of said product gets in on conversation asking LL if he needs more info./gift review models
    4. And there you go, you get fair and unbiased reviews from “people you trust”, YEAH RIGHT!
    LL you’ve been saying your hearing is going out, you also mentioned a while back that your DNA profile showed a propensity for copious earwax production, could it be you don’t clean your ears and their just full of earwax? LMAO

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  17. The hearing aid will be shoved in our faces via an ad now
    What a fake asshole

    Just like “Smart things” Samsung owns them, sponsors of Twit, coincidence ?
    ,Leo didn’t trash Samsungs Note5 style gate because he’s afraid Samsung will cut Smart things ad away…

    Spotify , Leo paid big bucks to get his podcasts on there, Music comes out, Leo trashes the hell out of it before he even had it, coincidence ? nope..protecting his investment

    Leo invited to secret the Moto X unveil with Mike Elgan 2 years ago, started trashing the iPhone 5s way before it was released , all at secret MotoX revile wrote or comment this is an iPhone killer, best thing they’ve ever seen, coincidence ? Nope Leo got a free Google Phone and no one called him out on it

    Etc etc etc , the latest being Intel and this hearing aid company

    The problem is we at TD see Leo’s bullshit and call him on it , labeling us Trolls, I can handle that

    But when you attack twit hosts that pour a lot of homework and research into every show like Steve Gibson
    does (unlike fat fuck cunt Leo ) you Leo have just woke up more trolls judging by amount of TD videos now showing up on Leo’s Twitter acc

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  18. Gibson does drone but that’s the schtick and he’s very consistent when it comes to dispensing security paranoia and FUD. All one need do is Google ‘Steve Gibson is a fraud’ and read the first result.

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  19. You can tell Steve Gibson wanted to speak his mind as Leo Laporte ignorantly babbled on and missed the point entirely. It’s obvious Gibson only does this show for people who truly care about security. Leo is just background noise during these shows because he hardly knows anything about security. I really wish they would just do the show with Gibson by himself. Leo Laporte insults Steve Gibson probably because he cannot comprehend the complexity of topics discussed on the show. I also find it funny how Leo seems to put words in Steve’s mouth – such as when he brings up DOS. From what I recall, Steve never suggested he needs DOS over something like Windows 7. Leo was the one who suggested that Steve use DOS and somehow in Leo’s mind it became Steven’s words.

    Notice too that ever since relations between Microsoft and Paul Thurrot improved (mostly since Gabriel Aul’s interactions), he has become a total Microsoft slappy and everything they do is righteous. Thurrot also acts like Microsoft’s major competitors are unfair bullies that are criminal. Unsurprisingly, you will often see Thurrot suck up to Aul on Twitter. It’s like Thurrot has become a kid in a candy shop now that he is part of some low level “Microsoft fan club.”

    Foley’s contempt for Gibson is also ridiculous. Yeah, let’s demean him because he is concerned with the unethical integrated spying tools in Windows 10! I would not be surprised if most governments ban Windows 10. I guess she has to suck up or Microsoft will ban her from future interviews with their CEO and other corporate personnel.

    The neutrality/credibility of TWiT programming has become very problematic over time.

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