TWiT.TV 2.0: TWiT TV Reinvents Itself

Did the lovely and Talented Sarah Lane demand a cat pic?
Did the lovely & talented Sarah Lane order a TD cat pic?

In a sobering behind-the-scenes look inside TWiT, we see that the Total Drama prognosis for the future of TWiT is not far off from the vision of its very leader, Laporte himself.

In the following video we see a quick look at how Leo prepares for his flagship show. Twenty short minutes before the scheduled start time Laporte asks his director [Jason Howell] which guests will be appearing on his panel [and who they are.] Laporte then goes on to inquire of Howell if any tech news actually transpired in the past week. That concludes his preparation, he doesn’t even browse the headlines.

Furthermore, rather than preparing, even for the remaining 10 minutes before airing the live show, he begins to nap, complete with lullaby music. He also clarifies his dream about a day when he can just do the ads and ditch the content.

Trust us folks, Leo broadcasting from his bed is not far off.

32 thoughts on “TWiT.TV 2.0: TWiT TV Reinvents Itself”

  1. I love Jason Howell. He is a truly nice guy and a class act.

    I hope he doesn’t get “Chad-ed” when the CeHo decides his salary is more than they have to pay or when this whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

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    1. Right, but don’t bother preparing for that 11 AM show. No way man! Too busy getting fatter.

      And have to work two or three whole hours each day. I just don’t know how LaWhale does it.

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  2. TD has really gone downhill. Do you really expect a fat ass like Leo Laporte to actually work for a living? Planning his next vacation is a full-time job.

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  3. actually this is kinda funny. he clearly was joking around i think. however not knowing who are guests is just sad. same thing for the ads comment. i think he was being sarcastic about the news. not defending leo but sometimes this site will post stuff that comes off as serious posts and then it ends up something to more satire.

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    1. When you work hard, you can joke about being a lazy fuck, and everyone gets it.

      But when you are a lazy, uninformed, useless fat fuck, and then joke about taking a nap? Everyone wonders how soon your high blood pressure and diabetes will kill you.

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      1. The sad part is that’s it’s been obvious for years that Leo goes into his shows not giving the least fuck about knowing anything about anything – except maybe what’s for lunch.

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        1. Remember on a SN pre show banter between Leo and Steve and Steve was going thru the show rundown and highlighted the new show start time the following week and Leo was totally blind sided and clueless at to any program changes. Proof that Lisa runs the TWiT ship, Leo just shows up , late …

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          1. They really seemed to jerk these hosts around with those schedule changes. I’m sure the end game was to get Leo into a three-day “work” week. How many times have Steve or Paul been discussing the run down while Leo is looking over the lunch take out menu.

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    2. @C
      Leo was being satirical to make a point. He knows he has to do ads to pay the bills. We all know this, but I think we got a peek into his mind. Is he doing content to do the ads? Or is he doing ads so he can do content?

      I’d give your comment a C++ though

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  4. Fucking Soup ranted the whole MBW on how great the new MacBook is, after 4 months of declaring it the most crippled POS laptop on the market.

    His views are worthless.

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