Who among us can forget the joyous outcry when Gum was announced as the new and improved host of TNT. It was about 15 seconds later that iYaz resigned, causing the CEO to blog “We are disappointed to announce that Iyaz Akhtar has chosen to leave…” A month later the lovely and talented Sarah Lane shocked the world by splitting up from Gum. Anyone who truly appreciated on-screen chemistry was reeling in sorrow.

True Love
You will need a chainsaw to cut this tension!

Jason Howell was the sole survivor and he proved to be on borrowed time as well. But then….. the News Director in conjunction management orchestrated a master-class plan.

Promlem not Solved
Promlem not Solved

A rotating co-host line-up was brought in to stabilize [complicate] the rotating carousel of unemployed journalists and bloggers. Then one by one they dropped off too. Sarah Silbert left Tech, Elise Hu left the country and Don Resinger left everything and is currently believed missing. Other co-hosts were brought in to replace the departed but one by one they left followed their predecessor’s liberating path to bliss. K.T. Benner and others. The current crop of hosts, like Christina Warren, have  figured out how to manage this train-wreck show. She basically does not pay attention to Mike or the guests and wakes up when it’s her turn to read the questions Gum prepared. She spends the rest of the show typing away on her computer, texting friends or eating cereal. She loves cereal.

Recently, she had a bona-fide scoop and interviewed some of the reclusive top executives at Apple Inc.. Her commitment to TNT saw her take the day off from TNT to appear on real programs.

….anyway, this show is hilarious and I recommend it.

37 thoughts on “COHOSTING IS HARD WORK”

  1. These are paid sub-hosts. There is no way they would have appeared onTNT without compensation. Same goes for RR on MBW, his commentary and insights are heads above Leo and the other regulars, in fact, Lisa should syndicate the IMore feed and just dump MBW all together. Between Andy I taking 5 minutes to explain his point using non sequitur examples that have and never did exist in real life to Leo bashing Apple every chance(entire show) he gets, MBW is a hollow log floating down the Petaluma River, past the Turning Basin and out into the Bay, past the lovely Sarah Lane, never to be seen again.

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    1. Rene is the good host on MBW? Could have fooled me. This is how Rene reviews anything Apple:

      “OMG, the new Apple Music is SUPER awesome! OMG, the Apple Watch is SUPER fast and SUPER awesome – its crazy that everybody doesn’t own one of these SUPER amazing gadgets. OMG, I can’t believe that Apple has finally cracked the code of wearables with this SUPER awesome watch.”

      Once you hear it, you can’t unhear the fact that Rene uses “SUPER” as an adjective to everything he says.

      This past weeks show was unbearable without someone to play devils advocate for the Apple manure that Rene slings. This is one show where I REALLY appreciate Leo.

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      1. I appreciate Andy’s analysis, but it’s just not compelling enough compared to Rene’s insight. Rene may be biased, but he has access to people and rumors that Andy just doesn’t have any more.

        And then there’s Leo, constantly derailing the show to talk about himself, or brag about his wealth, or Android, or Windows, or LISP, or whatever stupid shiny bullshit he’s focused on this week.

        Usually (not always) Andy can be impartial about Apple, but whenever Leo is on, Leo bashes Apple constantly, and then Leo and Andy turn MBW into Android Weekly.

        I don’t give a fuck what is going on with Android, I don’t care that Leo and Andy LOVE Android, despite almost never mentioning its endless security flaws and exploits.

        MacBreak Weekly has gotten so bad that sometimes I don’t even get around to listening to it these days.

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  2. Andy I taking 5 minutes to explain his point using non sequitur examples that have and never did exist in real life

    That is the most perfect description of the nonsense Andy I comes out with. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but whenever I hear him on anything these days, I press the “30 sec >>” button.

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  3. This is kind of a non-post…which I interpret as an attempt just to have new content on the site to keep readers coming back.
    I’m just glad it’s not a NONSENSE post like HelloWorld’s crap.

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  4. So this is your breaking news? From a year and a half ago?

    Also: Iyaz left because he got a better job at cnet and Sara left because she started hosting tech news tonight.

    What a stupid, wrong, boring and nothing post.

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  5. TWiT invites a black woman on MacBreak Weekly today and this is the story you go with for today? No story praising TWiT for welcoming a minority woman on a show? I was expecting to see some dumb article complaining about how they didn’t book two instead of being happy and praising them for doing something good.

    …plus, she had good commentary AND awesome hair!

    Whatever. Today is a waste of time for this site.

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  6. TD seems to have a lot of visitors as of late.
    These people seem to be lost without their idol to worship.
    TD welcomes all comments. If it’s a good comment we will post a positive comments in response.

    If it’s a poor hatchet job, please pick up a complimentary dick to eat on your way out.

    Your pal,
    Leos dick

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    1. So they had a black woman on MBW? Why is that news? Who cares? A list of people who have left TNT is more noteworthy.

      BTW, not just with her, but I’m always suspicious of women with two hypenated last names. What’s the matter? One name not good enough for ya?

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        1. No, I don’t have mommy issues. I just don’t care that a black woman was on, nor would I care if she were Asian or Russian. It’s not worthy of discussion.

          Besides, she pales (pun intended) to the beautiful Serenity.

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  7. Twit will never run out of cohosts as long as there is a hipster who thinks their blogging about tech by getting info from other blogs and news outlets makes them a journalist

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