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We have the best IRC channel, check it out!

TotalDrama has had an active and entertaining IRC channel for a while now. But we have new members coming to the blog everyday, so we just wanted to take the time to let you know that you can participate too on the web chat.

Here’s a recent example of the chatroom activity by our very own Mick:

<Mick> Today's Live Schedule, Wednesday, June 10 (All Times Pacific)

<Mick> 11am Windows Weekly. A menopausal woman makes beer in the bathtub of her New York City studio apartment until the neighbors complain about a vile odor coming from 15H. Follow the continuing saga of her eviction proceedings.

<Mick> 1PM TWiG. Jeff Jarvis will be surprised with a GoFundMe to receive Invisalign treatment.

<Mick> 5PM iFive for the iPhone.  A new name for the same old show where Leo Laporte gets his perv on

<Mick> 6PM Ham Nation.  Five geezers and a shockingly obese woman build contraptions to bounce radio signals off the ionosphere in a frantic effort to communicate without using a telephone. Spoiler Alert: On the final episode of this series, someone tells them about AOL Instant Messenger.

<Mick> Looks like yet another fucking ass fun filled TWiT day