10 thoughts on “Look at the preview of the shitty new TWiT website”

  1. WTF is with all these new sites that make you scroll down to view anything.. Page loads… Big Jumbotron, scroll down a mile to read something. Getting sick of this shit.

    I blame wordpress I think.

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    1. But why would you spend $350k on an API that zero people outside twit will use? But if Leo would like to spend that money on inviting people to use his backend I guess that’s up to him.

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  2. I seriously feel bad that Leo paid this much. It’s even worse when the pictures are on. It’s hilarious, big black boxes cover peoples faces in the pictures. The typography and color pallet is the worse! If you look at the code, there is almost no custom work, just a frankenstein of standard libraries. The API is just URL routing, which is no big deal. Oh but it does have one new amazing feature: TakeOver. Great for selling advertising. TWiT is saturated with the idea of ads, ads, ads. Ads come first for everything. It started with good taste, but it is just getting worse and worse.

    Shitty site.

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