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Leo Laporte, “Disgusting Little Creep”?

Leo can't help himself, even with works of art.
Complete utter pervert?
We (Leo says this is the “royal we”) at Total Drama are well aware of Leo’s problems dealing with women. From sexual harassment complaints during the Tech TV days from Kate Botello to present day sexual objectification, #Soup is a master misogynist.

The editorial board received a tip recently, pointing to a Reddit AMA Soledad O’Brien did many months ago. When asked about the character Dev Null, created solely by #Soup for MSNBC, this was her response.

Soledad O'Brien Speaks Out on Leo Laporte
He’s actually a feminist when not in character.

In the words we’re sure our resident Man of God would say:

Matthew 7:18: “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.”

We now have earlier evidence of Leo Laporte’s deviance that predates even Tech TV evidence. If you have anything to report, send us a tip or join us in chat.