Man of God: Father Robert Ballecer Says “Fuck Yo Sink”

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer
This is the Total Drama series Man of God, in which we chronicle the exploits of one Father Robert Ballecer, aka Grimace in a Priest Costume, aka The Digital Jesuit, aka <PadreSJ>, aka FFF, aka <MetalHealthSJ>. Please use our dvr and send in tips with examples of his very Christlike behavior.

In this week’s Man of God, we listen to the ham planet with a brown, basketball-sized JELL-O ball for a head say “Fuck Yo Sink”, and then try to play it off when he finds out his mic is on.


34 thoughts on “Man of God: Father Robert Ballecer Says “Fuck Yo Sink””

  1. If a young person ever asked me if they should join the priesthood, after seeing this video I would be forced to tell them, “Fuck, yeah! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yes. FUCK FUCK FUCK.”

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  2. It is interesting that they told him the mic was off afterwards so he could continue. It implies he acts one way on camera and another way when he is off camera. This is of course true for everyone, no one discusses personal issues or acts profane on camera but.

    I would have thought Father would not be crude off-camera.

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    1. Just to clarify, link just the YouTube video not the TD page. If the TD page is linked and they see all this language, they would be less inclined to do something.

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  3. I say that if the Jesuits won’t do anything in about a month from now, I say take this video and report it to KRON4. I’m sure they would like to cover the hypocrisy in the Jesuit priesthood.

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  4. I’m sure everyone uses that language on occasions. It’s just not expected from a priest in full costume and working there to promote the church. Leo said previously that that’s the reason he can work at TWiT was because his seniors at the church though it would be a great way to promote the church.

    Being genuinely honest I have a worse view of the church now than I did before. It’s not through this one incident but over many and all I see is lots of hypocrisy.

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          1. “Read the bible. Let no corrupt communication come from your mouth. Ephesians 4:29”

            Which one of these is ‘corrupt communication’:

            “We didn’t fire Chad”


            “Fuck yo sink”

            Cursing isn’t the same as using corrupt words – it means, make sure that only honest words come out of your mouth. Literal translations of that verse have people believing it’s about swearing. But it’s not – it’s likely to be “don’t use words that could harm people” as opposed to “don’t swear” – cos remember, some swear words (such as “bloody”) a) come from religious terms and b) are no longer seen as swear words. It changes according to time, so the bible isn’t really talking about a list of profanities, it’s talking about your intent.

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          2. Tbh, I don’t this means much. The sort of stuff people should be reporting are the times when Padre starts ridiculing less able people, and when he starts actively helping Leo to propagate lies – in other words, when he acts dishonestly or when he acts for short term gain. That’s far far more likely to attract the attention of his boss than a swear word.

            I really don’t care about a priest swearing. I *do* care about a priest who (so he says) wrote some scripts that censor legitimate complaints and tags them as ‘abusive’ and gets people banned from twitter etc. That is a sign of a man who is not willing to connect with people, who is willing to close his ears to genuine pleas, and who works on behalf of a serial sexual harrasser, giving him a sheen of respectability by being the man who targets them all as “trolls”.

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    1. Dear Jason – thank you for giving this site more pageviews. This now means that, thanks to your excellent regular repeat visits, the site is higher up in the rankings, which means that you’re helping more and more people to see it.

      Thanks, Jase!

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  5. You guys act as if Priests were holy, guess again, they are not. Preists sure do follow a conduct code, but that doesn’t mean they don’t swear or drink beer or whatever. I live 3 houses down from a priest and you would never know he is a priest. He plays basketball with us, drinks beer, comes to bbq’s, the guy is a riot honestly.

    The only thing at first sight that differentiates him from the rest of us is that some of us either have gf’s or are married and he of course is single, but other than that, the guy is a regular guy.

    I would file this story under “move along nothing to see here”.

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  6. Hey If this foul language was on the Howard Stern show nobody would give a fuck, but as Twit continues to claim its a family friendly show , so they should be held accountable for on air language and sexual harassment

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  7. It is clear that Padre and the staff at TWIT thought it was a bad idea for him to be using profanity while on air – they let him know his mic was on and then off. It seems like that was because he is a priest and knows he shouldn’t be using that language in public, and not because of an on-air policy at TWIT, since Leo has used “fuck” many times while mic’d.
    Also, regardless of what priests do around their neighbors, friends, family, etc, the church expects certain behavior from them when they are at work (as was Padre) or speaking in public, and I think they would see this as a violation of that. Admittedly, I don’t think this infraction would be high on the church’s list of issues.

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    1. Unfortunately, I think you are right. Any report of priestly malfeasance that does not involve a dead girl or a live boy is greeted with a sigh of relief.

      Personally, I do not think it is appropriate even to perform ads in clerical garb.

      Just sayin’ and best regards

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