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EffenDunn’s future at TWiT in doubt

UPDATE: EffenDunn is back at his post doing the usual shitty job that he’s famous for.
EffenDunn is now EffenDone.
EffenDunn is now possibly EffenDone as TD of TNT, leaving his future in serious doubt at his dream job at TWiT.

EffenDunn is now possibly EffenDone as technical director of TNT and his future is in serious doubt as a meaningful contributing member of the TWiT staff. This occurred one day after we covered the ongoing purge of gay employees at TWiT. No longer the TD, he might be grabbing a mop for special after-hours cleanup duty after all the real work has been done by competent workers.

As you can see in the video below, Mike Elgan has little compassion for former members of the TWiT family after they’re no longer employed in their original positions. “Where is EffenDunn? He isn’t Effen here.” Then laughter was heard in the studio on the livestream cam. (Now that the Dropcams have been taken down, it’s harder to be certain of exactly what went down…but it’s a sad story to be sure for Cleanthes, TWiT’s self-proclaimed former number one fan.)

After you watch the video, please think about this: Elgan’s response to a legitimate question posed in the official TWiT chatroom is to make a joke; he makes a rude comment about a man he’s worked with for months. What a great atmosphere to work in—no wonder so many talented contributors have fled the scene recently.

Cleanthes moved to Petaluma on his own dime to work with his idol, Leo Laporte. He was a longtime chatroom participant and came to TWiT full of excitement and wonder.

The exact reason why he’s been demoted from his dream job is unclear, but we have no doubt that it was unrelated to his near-total incompetence at running the Tricaster.

The scene of the crime: Jason C. Cleanthes pretends to run the Tricaster.
The scene of the crime: Jason C. Cleanthes pretends to run the Tricaster.

But here’s what we do know: There is no way that Mike Elgan enjoyed sitting there show after show saying after mishap after fuck-up that they’ll “Fix it in post.” The embarrassment that resulted had to have been a major factor for Elgan.

No word as of yet if Effen will get his prized TWiT tattoo lasered off. But one thing’s for sure…Lisa certainly won’t allow Effen to continue at his current pay level. Life just got a little harder for our man in Petaluma.

Here’s the transcript of some insightful #twitlive chatter:

Last Night

16:31 <Web7220> Production meeting!
16:31 <Web7220> Yay!
16:31 <CreamyCornCob> Production Meeting, "Your doing it wrong!" heh
16:31 -!- mode/#twitlive [+v PadreSJ] by ChanServ
16:31 <+PadreSJ> Hey PDelahanty ... do we have a production meeting today?
16:32 <+PDelahanty> PadreSJ: *shrug*  Maybe?
16:32 <+PadreSJ> PDelahanty, well... if we do, can somebody setup the speaker phone so I can come in?
16:35 <jab> Can we get a Dropcam in that meeting?
16:36 <+PadreSJ> jab, nope... cuz we're gonna talka bout you
16:37 <+PadreSJ> Wait... there's a meeting?
16:37 <+PadreSJ> dang...
16:37 <ayemossum> you got left out PadreSJ
16:37 <ayemossum> what's up with that?
16:37 <+PadreSJ> ayemossum, I always miss it...
16:38 <+PadreSJ> Hey PDelahanty ... can you setup the speaker phone?
16:38 <neo> Is it a meeting where someone gets fired?
16:38 <CreamyCornCob> Jason if your not in the meeting, their talking about you hehh
16:38 <+PadreSJ> neo, out of a cannon


09:57 <Frodo> Who is the TD today and where is EffenDunn?
09:58 <JND> Frodo Anthothy Nielson
09:59 <&Dan> Frodo: effenDunn doesn't work at twit anymore bro.
09:59 <JND> Did EffenDunn leave or was he fired?
09:59 <&Dan> he left.
09:59 <p2k> what?!
10:00 <p2k> sorry - didn not hear effen dunn is done?
10:01 <Frodo> Will Mike enlighten us today?
10:02 <Dr_Morbius> where's Effen Dunn?
10:03 <Frodo> Mike where is Jason?
10:03 <HelplessCorgis> hope effendunn is ok