The Reviews Are In – IT’s A Hit!

The reviews flooded in on twitter. One thing is clear, this little lady has a mega hit on her hands.

I came to do two things, drink some beer and make a hit show, and I am out almost out of beer.
I came here  to do two things; drink some beer and make a hit show, and I’m almost outta beer.

Without further ado, the reviews:

Kate Imbach: San Francisco Icon

JR Young:  Comedy Legend

Iyaz Ahktar: CNET Editor

Jason Howell: Risking it

Melody McC: Heiress and CEO

Amber: Canada’s #1 Personality (showing off by linking a picture)

Ligaya Tichy:  Sarah’s friend and Instagram Starlet

Veronica Belmont: Arch Enemy of Comcast

Someone who works with Sarah

Tech Crunch CEO & major asshole: Mike Arrington

Apple Employee: Tim Cook

Gina Trappani: Supportive colleague

Shannon Morse says the show is “AWESOME”

GFQ Network founder: Andrew Zarian

We would Embed the video for you if Techcrunch knew anything about security on the web and used iFrame, instead we can only link it. In the future we are looking for less news about VCing and more info on what is hip and happening.

It is not too late to let the world know you’re in the in crowd. Tweet @sarahlane @techcrunch

21 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In – IT’s A Hit!”

  1. Sorry, but I can’t get on the “Lovely and Talented Sarah Lane” team. First of all, she’s just *okay* looking – a bad peroxide blond who, in my view, has a haughty demeanor and whose comments on TWIT were trite at best. And let’s not forget her failed marriage from her early TechTv days with that Brandon guy.

    For lovely and talented, I nominate Serenity Caldwell, whose professional demeanor, lovely eyes and perspicacious comments are an asset to any podcast or TWIT.

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  2. I’m popping back on to say that I love the new format of the site. podcasts and the communities surrounding them need a safe place where you can discuss them. Thanks for turning it around Richard.

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  3. ‘It is not too late to let the world know you’re in the in crowd. ‘

    Seriously, a bunch of congrats from her friends and co-workers, and that says this new show is a hit? Whatever. I wish her good luck with her post-TWiT career, but it’s hard to take Richard seriously whenever he’s (I’m assuming a he) talking about Sarah when the complements are put out for an average, boring Internet personality…IMO.

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  4. Did anyone catch this?

    “Felicia Williams ✔ @reelfeed
    I’ve been developing a new @techcrunch show with @sarahlane for months now. Launched today! Here’s our first episode
    9:05 PM – 23 Mar 2015

    YouTube @YouTube

    Wait, for MONTHS?
    Really? That long? When did Sarah announce her change of hours at TWiT? Has THAT much time passed? Jesus.

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