Why GigaOm Failed

This is like so not complicated.

Stop, Listen...Hammertime
Stop, Listen…Hammertime

They spent more money than they made. They needed to make more or spend less.

V C money and journalism don’t mix? I am astonished.

But instead let’s discuss the changing role of media in an increasingly mobile environment that is being preyed upon by different factors competing for mind-share.

3 thoughts on “Why GigaOm Failed”

  1. “V C money and journalism don’t mix? I am astonished.”

    But they do mix, quite nicely, actually. It’s just that the VC shouldn’t expect to make money from the deal. And the journalists shouldn’t expect the VC not to notice that until their kids are through college.

    But when the right people meet, it’s a match made in heaven. And tax-deductable, too!

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