Prediction: TotalDrama will outlast TWiT

We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT. will outlast TWiT according to a prediction from the editorial board.

With the ace reporting by TotalDrama’s very own SkiEast recently showcasing the shocking downfall of TWiT and their bumbling moves, the editorial board at TotalDrama is prepared to make a prediction for 2015: TWiT will be gone from the Shit Twithouse by the end of the year and will be most likely broadcasting from Leo Laporte’s basement with a skeleton crew of unpaid chatroom mods and slow-witted TelePrompTer operators.

TotalDrama is committed to bringing you the news when and where it happens.

11 thoughts on “Prediction: TotalDrama will outlast TWiT”

    1. Leo will leave. Lisa worked hard to get where she is. And her appeal is fading fast. She has the gold, Leo is just around as a baggage handler to carry her suitcases.

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  1. When is their lease up for renewal? If it’s this year, then you could well be spot on.

    That’ll be a turning point. If they decide to carry on shelling out for the studio then the decline will make for less short-term drama. It’ll be slow and painful as the quality declines while they are forced to carry on doing shows to cover the costs.

    If they don’t carry on in a studio and scale it back to a more cottage-like feel then we’ll probably have less drama in the medium-term, but the fireworks and lies about how this had always been the plan will be drama fodder for weeks.

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    1. According to the property management company, the lease reportedly expires at the end of next month (March 2015), with two one-year options to renew.

      Also according to the property management company, TWiT LLC is paying $13,160/month in rent. That would increase to $14,100/month if the lease is renewed.

      I wonder if the “firing” of Four Kitchens was a move to free up the bucks that will be needed to renew the lease.

      Or, is it possible that TWiT LLC actually purchased the 140 Keller St. property? It was listed for sale at $1.9 million a few months back, but is now listed as “off market.”

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      1. After TTG on Saturday, when Leo was leaving his office and going to the iPad Today set, he said something like “I’m gonna go ask Lisa if we bought the brick house.” But then didn’t mention it again when he got back on camera. So I don’t know.

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  2. “Off Market” means the listing either expired or was pulled. Because of multiple listing rules and procedures , listing activity has to represent what has actually occurred concerning the listed property. I highly doubt L&L will buy the Brick House , unless the financials point to 8-10% return with both sides rented out. Leo might be looking for a retirement investment that can be carried into a post TWiT environment, though it’s really hard to find those RE investments that pay 8-10% return in today’s market.

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  3. There was a time I watch the twit network almost everyday. Shows like Ham Nation, Gibsons, and the law show where just about the only ones I would not watch.Not because the hosts where bad the topics just did not interest me.

    When I watched TTG I noticed a couple of off colored comments.
    I went to YT and found TD and others. Then emerged years of harrasment. Then women started to distance themshelves from the network. All that is left is a good old boys club of the same faces. This is not the same twit. But yet no one notices it but a few. I really do wonder how many canned calls acually are played on air.

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  4. Leo’s ex owns half of twit. When Leo buys the building through a new company he can charge a rent to twit that would be higher. This means less profit in twit and for his ex and a transfer of 100% of the profit for the owner of the building.

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