Geekbeat does the impossible

It has been noted that since its inception, the TWiT network has not had one black woman on as a guest—let alone a host. #Soup has stated that he gives Jason a long list every week of black people and women to contact to be guests. He has also said he would “looooooooove” to get a black woman as a host.

Ladies and gentlemen, does the impossible:

Could it be? It seems it is possible.
Could it be? It seems it is possible.

I watched her: very sweet, smart and fluent in tech. And her name is Sherri Smith. Maybe there is one more out there? Naaaaah, impossible! Let us go another six years without one African-American woman on the network.

We are not saying that anyone is racist, just incredibly stupid. If there is a diversity problem in the industry then you do something about it. You will only exacerbate the problem by hiring family, girlfriends and former co-workers.
Do you people see how that deepens the problem? You have dozens of hosts and employees; make an effort!

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  1. We’re going to be much more diverse in 2015.

    We’re bringing in a few women of color like Serenity Caldwell, iJustine, Amber Mac is coming back and we’ve already hired Megan Morrone.

    I don’t want to say too much but we’re in talks with Becky Worley too

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