Leo Laporte calls Mark Cuban an “idiot” and “moronic”

Wannabe rich guy Leo Laporte, host of the nationally-syndicated radio show “The Tech Guy” called billionaire Mark Cuban, Dallas Maverick’s owner and star of “Shark Tank,” an “idiot” and “moronic” on Saturday’s show. Cuban did nothing to deserve this and Laporte should be held accountable for this rude defamation. What we find sad is that Cuban was an enthusiastic guest on “The Social Hour” with Amber MacArthur before Amber was fired by Leo’s wife with no warning.

17 thoughts on “Leo Laporte calls Mark Cuban an “idiot” and “moronic””

  1. Cuban has a good stance on the subject that takes balls to say especially at a techcruch event.

    Leo is an idiot that has probably never read any piece of legislation and formed a political opinion of his own. He just follows along with whatever the bloggers tell him.

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  2. As we go forth to another day. Mike Elgan’s Barcelona trip & Mark Cuban’s views are more important than septic water? Really??? Really? Net neutrality is important. It concerns us all. Lives are intangled in Petaluma Lake sewer. This is a local vs a global issue. Which one is easier to solve. Remember Bill Gates drinker filtered sewer water. How about it. Need to give this thought.

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  3. Leo Laporte is a typically low information individual when you are clueless about the subject of Net Neutrality and have the wrong facts about what your talking about, resort to name calling. Leo needs to get informed about the subjects before coming to conclusions about them. He needs to watch this interview of one of the FCC commissioners that actually read the full Net Neutrality Guidelines:


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