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Leo Laporte calls Mark Cuban an “idiot” and “moronic”

Wannabe rich guy Leo Laporte, host of the nationally-syndicated radio show “The Tech Guy” called billionaire Mark Cuban, Dallas Maverick’s owner and star of “Shark Tank,” an “idiot” and “moronic” on Saturday’s show. Cuban did nothing to deserve this and Laporte should be held accountable for this rude defamation. What we find sad is that Cuban was an enthusiastic guest on “The Social Hour” with Amber MacArthur before Amber was fired by Leo’s wife with no warning.

Why is Leo always so rude to Sarah Lane?

Why is Leo Laporte always so rude and dismissive to our lovely Sarah Lane? This a question I fear will haunt us forever here at #TotalDrama. Leo’s ill manners are caught once again and captured here in this YouTube clip of the perpetually disparaging Soup Guzzler as he unleashes yet another brash tirade against our winsome Sarah: