Leo Laporte is ashamed of Petaluma

Leo Laporte is an idiot, and so was the idea to put his studio in the middle of nowhere.
Leo Laporte is an idiot, and so was the idea to put his studio in the middle of nowhere.

Leo Laporte (in case you didn’t know, he’s the fat stupid fuck who sits around dispensing shit tech advice) is now officially ashamed of where his network is located. On Saturday’s edition of “Theeeeee Tech Guy” a Spanish friend of the useless Johnny Jet asked Leo where he was located. Leo replied, “Northern California” and not “Petaluma” which he heretofore would always say.

It seems that it’s finally dawned on Laporte that telling people he lives in the middle of nowhere—when everybody else who’s successful lives in San Francisco—is harmful to his brand. Or maybe he’s just tired of explaining that his studio was built in an empty farm field.

52 thoughts on “Leo Laporte is ashamed of Petaluma”

  1. Or, you stupid fuck, it’s possible that Leo thouht someone in Spain may not have heard of Peteluma, and so he gave a locatin that’s both acurate and that the guy would understand.

    What a loser. Your really scraping the bottom here to find anything to critisize. Why dont instead you, yourself, actualy accomplish somethin?

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  2. Once again, the closeted homosexual who feels spurned by Leo is hanging on every word Leo says and reading into his comments something negative so he can get revenge.

    It’s embarrassing to watch.

    Dude, just come out of the closet, go find yourself a nice guy and forget about your Leo obsession.


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  3. Unlike the trolls who run this site, Leo lives in public for most of the day. We all eat, and Leo eats on camera.

    It’s kind of sad that people who’s criticism depends on the cameras rolling at the Brick House are criticizing Leo for eating.

    Empty, lonely, sad lives.

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  4. The descendant of the genocidal conquistador is correct, we all need sustenance. Slurping into the microphone is simply coarse and I’m positive his parents did not raise him to be boorish – definitely picked up this habit via his association with low rent women or servicing young gentlemen at road stops

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  5. ***Name 1 other radio personality that eats with open mic?***

    All the radio personalities who have cameras going and mics on all the time eat with open mic.

    In other words, zero. Leo is the only host who lives on camera allday.

    Obviusly (obvious, at least, to all but the most severly idiotic).

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    1. Actually Leo isn’t on TWIT 24/7 as you’re implying. As far as a typical work day he doesn’t even put in 9-5 daily effort, well unless you’ve been fooled into thinking he’s there all the time because of his recorded promos on each show.
      The issue is the overwhelming number of times he is eating, or slurping, something into his mouth when he is actually ‘live’ and broadcasting. It’s a lack of respect to his on-air guests and his listeners/viewers.

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    1. Listen, your trying really hard but continue to swallaw the bait & the hook / this carnival is what they call the’ deep end of the pool ‘and you can barely tread water / a pirana tank is no place for a blowfish

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  6. I agree with Jonathon Blackwel here, its much easier to explan to someone from another country that you live in Northern Calfornia instead of Petaluma.

    This is a bad post

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      1. Really dude look what happened to the F’n Armada, Francisco Franco (still dead) etc also Cervantes, Miro and definitely Picasso were mere amateurs – wait, might need to rethink this

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  7. No, HelloWorld. You’re are stupid.

    Petaluma is small town. People in other countries are less likly to be familiar with small American towns.

    If someone from Lleida, Spain, were to tell you they were from Lleida, most people outside Spain wouldn’t know where that is (even though it’s much more than twice the size of Petaluma).

    They would probably say they live in Catlonia.

    Worthless troll.

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    1. No. When somebody asks where he’s from he should tell them. And then explain as he always has before where that is. Now the guy from Spain has not learned a single thing about Petaluma. So he has now been cheated about learning about where Leo lives. It’s Leo who has underestimated the man’s intelligence and it’s not fair.

      And I still maintain that you commenting constantly on a “troll” site is even more ridiculous than ever.

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      1. Haha, and with this comment I am no longer a reader of #drama, this is more tortured logic than TWIT/Leo dishes out these days.

        Its been fun #drama, you guys could’ve been something special but you have such hate for TWIT that #drama doesn’t make sense for those of us who want to discuss the changes (good or bad) at TWIT.

        Later, boys and girls, be safe

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  8. HelloWorld: Again, my advise to you stand: Come out of the closet, meet a nice guy, stop being obsesed by every bite Leo Laporte takes and get therapy for you’re trolling problem.

    You can live you’re own life, you know. You don’t have to live threw Leo.

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  9. OH, MY GOD! Leo chose one word instead of a different word!

    What does it mean?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?



    Your parents must be so proud of you.

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    1. You’ll be hearing from The Ghost of Ring Lardner – Dorthy Parker is inebriated tonight and there’s a beautiful biedermeier chair at the Algonquin Roundtable waiting for your subtle round buttocks – we’ll make YOUR parents real proud – your rapier wit can only add to the enjoyment

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  10. OK, HelloWorld. As long as everyone on this sight understands that this entire enterprise is about a gay man obsesion with a straight man.

    Glad we’re cleared that up.

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  11. Why are the trolls making this about HelloWorld?

    Just STFU.

    Were Sr. LaPorke more accurately descriptive, he would have said north of San Francisco.

    For many outside of North America, Northern California means Eureka and part north.

    Just look at an atlas, ya smug douchies.

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  12. NativeInExile:

    This is a troll site. What do you mean by “the trolls”?

    Dont try to legmtimize grown men obsesively staking another man, hanging on his every word and looking for some triviol word choice to obsess over.

    Leo can say “Northern California” if he wants too. Who the fuck do you care?

    Thats a direct question. I want answer.

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    1. Damn he got me – the conquistador turns out to be the biggest carny of them all – not a serious bone in his body(above the waist) – Wow what a work! – WELL PLAYED best put-on this site has seen in ages / my apologies for thinking you were a mindless homophobic sycophantic dolt / seriously you deserve a ten minute standing ovation – nice theater

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  13. HelloWorld, please find it in you’re heart to go away. Let the good blogger’s here, who actually put forward effort and real insight, give us the goods on TWiT .

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      1. Don’t you even consider leaving – it’s homophobic hate mongering – nothing to do with TWIT, other than TWIT employees badgering you & some of the dullards doing the new overpriced web site

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      2. Dude, I simply don’t like your posts. My own, personal feelings, which others may, or may not agree with. That’s the beauty of #drama, in that I’m allowed to feel that way without the fear of reprisal that someone on the TWiT irc or boards would have been banished from, likely on day one.

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  14. A lot of northern California either say they are from the Bay Area or live by sf just to make it easy. What made me turn twit off today was Leo having to start talking about he likes sex and a lot when discussing Scott not eating mammals. With children in the car that ended my day for twit

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  15. Northern California resident here. May I chime in?

    It’s common for people from Northern California to commonly state that they’re from Northern California, instead of the specific town. I live near Petaluma, too. It’s actually quite a quaint town and while it isn’t the most well-known town in the world, it’s definitely not in the middle of nowhere.

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  16. Just wanted to cast a vote to say that this is one of those “skippable posts”. I occasionally check the site to get unfiltered news that wouldn’t be included on a segment of Inside TWiT. 90% of the posts are pure garbage. BUT – it’s free so I’m not complaining. Just like in any coverage area – there are slow news days. The 10% is worth bookmarking the site for. Cheers.

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  17. I for one do not dislike LP. I do think he’s a prick. He or Lisa gets rid of employees I like. They either fire them or drive them out. If a person cannot tell if Leos attitude towards women is inappropiate you worship a false god or are godless.

    Leo can go broke or make several million I don’t care. Jason I hope I am wrong but my guess is you are rubbing oil on a blond boys ass for Leo. You knob polisher. He who defends such preversion has a very dark past himself.

    Good luck with your near dead network Leo. 30 years to build and 5 to bring it down. Oh who give a rats ass about where Petaluma is?

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