Anti-TWiT Twitters are dropping like flies

As the carnage mounts around us here in the bunker at TotalDrama HQ, we pause to mourn the loss of another freedom fighter: The amazing @OhLeoYouSuck account has been suspended.

Apparently, TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell took enough time off trimming her bangs and not planning international meet-ups to have her minions at Twitter press the delete button on the recently-formed @OhLeoYouSuck.

Gone, but not forgotten.
Gone, but not forgotten.

We miss you already, @OhLeoYouSuck. God bless you, wherever you are. Here’s the original post in case you want to take a prayerful moment alone.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed tipster who used the “Feedback & Tips” button on the right side of this site to alert the TotalDrama editorial board about this news.

10 thoughts on “Anti-TWiT Twitters are dropping like flies”

  1. If the y continue their belligerent ways towards accounts they do not like they teach us all one thing. The only model that works is the model of using throwaway accounts and being vulgar and offensive to twit and its guests.

    I am nice. I preferred keeping the anti-twit stuff confined to its followers and people who choose to follow anti-twit stuff. The model originated by @leolaportesucks RIP. Even though I always loved Helloworlds tweets because they were funny as hell.

    But now, since they go after people minding their own business it is clear that Helloworld was right, they deserve to be directly tweeted.

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  2. guys, LLS/OLYS quit. he posted a long series of tweets and announced he was deleting his account.

    we cant just make shit up if we expect people to believe anything here.

    one of his last tweets was about ignoring leo was the only way to win, that doing this fed Leo’s ego, and he was going to focus on his own life

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  3. Yeah, there’s this whole anti-bullying “let’s all be nice” movement going on in social media so naming an account that is an obvious slam at anybody is bound to have a short life. Just name it something else and post whatever you want.

    If the guy did just decide to delete it, well, that’s OK too. Nobody’s getting rich off spending their life posting Leo hate tweets.

    There’s still no shortage of trolling on twitter so short of threatening murder you should be able to get away with anything.

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  4. These accounts were dropped because they were just anonymous cowards and creepy stalker troll harassers — the kind of people who never create anything, but live to destroy what others have created.

    For those of you basement-dwelling, sexually frustrated dickless sociopaths that enjoy that sort of thing, you’ll find the real stuff here:

    If you like this sort of thing: Fuck you.

    The reason you post anonymously is because you know what you do is shamefull, and something you would never EVER admit to your mother, your father, your spouse (in the unlikely event that you have any sort of relationship) or your kids.

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    1. But Jason, you have no problem consistently trolling TD. Seems a bit hypocritical to take some kind of pseudo high-horse stance on an issue you obviously feel so strongly about but at the same time are just as guilty of committing the same act here. As you’ve extolled previously, if TD commenters don’t like TWIT than don’t go there so at the same time if you don’t like TD why keep reading it so faithfully?

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