The legend lives on in varied form

As we at TotalDrama are still coming to grips with the confirmed passing of Erik Lanigan, it is hopeful to take notice that the legend of the suspended Twitter account @LeoLaporteSucks lives on in another form. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with immense pride that we present to you the successor to LLS, the amazing @OhLeoYouSuck.

Here’s a sample of his dedication to advancing the cause of #truth:

God Bless you, whoever you are! We wish you nothing but success and a smooth road ahead.

14 thoughts on “The legend lives on in varied form”

  1. More like dedication to advancing the cause of stalking another man and getting jealous that his man-crush loves a woman.

    Why are you obsessed with the life of another man?

    Why can’t can’t you move on with your life?

    Why don’t you just come out of the closet already?

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  2. Oh please let it be the same, how else am I supposed to keep up on all the chat kicks. I thought about asking that question in chat today, but I know better.

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  3. Especially classy how that account is saying that Erik committed suicide. I am sure his family finds comfort in him spreading that [mis]information when they wanted to keep the cause of death private.

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    1. @Muddy”More from the TWIT payroll – sycophants and bootlickers – future Business Analysts”.
      Actually ,i’d say they are more likely to be future Patreon participants.;)

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  4. If Twit/Leo did issue a request to ban @LeoLaporteSucks, I think its interesting that it goes against alot of what he preaches about internet “trolling”. He will forever be playing whack-a-mole with the next account and only draw attention to it.

    But whatever, file it under protecting your personal brand, whatever that means.

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