Christina Warren is finally an adult woman who cares about her looks

Christina Warren (even though still insisting on using “girl” in her Twitter moniker @Film_Girl) has graduated from childhood to full-blown womanhood on her recent “Today” show appearance.

Her hair looked stunningly non-greasy and her lipstick was not the messy streak of gloss that it usually is.

Congratulations, Film Girl. For you are now a woman who apparently owns a mirror.

All I can say is that her current look is definitely an improvement on her old look. You know the one where she wears a “I Fucked Your Boyfriend” shirt. Stay classy, Christina!

Christina Warren's career has been rescued from the toilet with her recent appearances on the "Today" show.
Christina Warren’s career has been rescued from the toilet with her recent appearances on the “Today” show.

24 thoughts on “Christina Warren is finally an adult woman who cares about her looks”

  1. She has yet to start caring about tech journalism though. She’s of a generation who generates useless content disguised as consumer “news.” Her “reporting” amounts to her having her coworkers rub an iPhone against their hair and spewing out nonsense personal reactions to news stories occasionally on TWiT and now, apparently, the vapid arena of the Today show. She’s sub-par. We’ll be seeing tons more of her ’cause Leo and and NBC producers are convinced that simply adding more women will automatically make everything better.

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      1. She didn’t do shit for all that info. There was no “scoop” to be had or any original reporting. She just benefited from the e-mail dump, sorted through it, took out some juicy details, profited off it, then complained about sensationalism in the media.

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  2. Didn’t HelloWorld write last week about leaving if Guacamole, Taylor, self-diagnosed autistic freak stayed onboard ? What do you know eh ? The sexist f*ck is also a coward, a man without honor.

    Sure, Leo is double-faced hypocrite & Lisa is an incompetent duplicitous wreck, but neither of them come even close to being as pathetic low lives as the owners of this site.

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    1. Christina is a respected journalist and women in tech shouldn’t have to put up with this sort of bullying simply because some assholes think that tech is a “boy’s club.”

      No wonder more women don’t work in tech when this is the kind of harassment they get.

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  3. It’s good that you’ve expanded to stalking and harassing women wherever they go, beyond simply calling them “sluts” “bitches” and “cunts.” Some people might have gotten the impression you were simply misogynistic and didn’t outright hate women.

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    1. Anita: Shut your slut mouth and go back to the basement to suck off the line of men waiting for you.

      Is that what you wanted us to say? Are you happy now? If not, I can try again to please you as you seem to get off on the abuse.

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  4. I forget if her husband is gorgeous and fit. Or fat and ugly. I remember going through people’s Facebook to look at hot husbands and I forget if he’s hot or nasty and fat.

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