The angelic Sarah Lane is indeed human

Perpetual pretty lady and savior of the TWiT broadcast day, Sarah Lane, briefly sheds her infallible nature and forgets that she’s being videotaped. But it’s OK. This video is presented here to finally attempt to quiet the critics of #TotalDrama who say that we have never posted anything that makes Sarah Lane seem less than the perfect angel that she is. Some of us on the editorial board feel that not only does this post make Sarah more approachable, it humanizes her in a way that elevates her to even higher level of transcendent harmony with the universe. Truly she is a cosmic gift and a wonder for the ages.

11 thoughts on “The angelic Sarah Lane is indeed human”

  1. I have to admit, Miss Lane, sorta sneaks up on you and has grown lovelier by the hour. As opposed to a poor excuse of a podcaster, Leo Laporte, who just keeps growing and growing and growing till he and that stupid winged back chair his fat ass is welded to drills a huge hole straight thru to China.

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      1. She has no upper lips… Botox was a bad idea beacuse there’s nothing there to puff up. Before at least she had a natural appeal, now she has that glazed fake look.

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  2. Yes, this is the most far reaching, Staright Outta Context BULLSHIT I have ever seen on any site. Where is this “fall”? Stop/Start the drugs now!

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