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The angelic Sarah Lane is indeed human

Perpetual pretty lady and savior of the TWiT broadcast day, Sarah Lane, briefly sheds her infallible nature and forgets that she’s being videotaped. But it’s OK. This video is presented here to finally attempt to quiet the critics of #TotalDrama who say that we have never posted anything that makes Sarah Lane seem less than the perfect angel that she is. Some of us on the editorial board feel that not only does this post make Sarah more approachable, it humanizes her in a way that elevates her to even higher level of transcendent harmony with the universe. Truly she is a cosmic gift and a wonder for the ages.

A friendly reminder of the goodness of Sarah Lane

Occasionally we here at #TotalDrama like to remind our readers of a few essential truths in life: The sun rises in the east, Leo Laporte is a heaving mass of unfunny racist accents, and Sarah Lane is an angel.

Sarah Lane on vacation in France.
Sarah Lane on vacation in France.

Without Sarah Lane, the TWiT network would seep into hell under the massive talentless weight of their loser hosts. Bless you, Sarah Lane. For you are the light of TWiT, the brightest talent; without which darkness would surely reign.
So let’s raise our glasses to the stunning Sarah. I’ll drink to that!