TWiT wants to hear from you, this is not a joke

Click on the image below to fill out the survey. I think we can make the world a better place by being honest in the comments box at the end of the survey.


12 thoughts on “TWiT wants to hear from you, this is not a joke”

  1. the comments just go to the web developer.. any comments are falling on deaf ears.. all you are doing is making twit better by doing this navigation survey. if you honestly don’t care about twit, don’t do the survey and have them waste another huge chunk of change on another poorly designed website.

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      1. How does that improve TWiT? Can anyone here be constructive? Of course, Leo needs to fire Lisa K, obviously. But, how many times can you say that. On a website.

        This survey is not new nor news, been around a looooong time.

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        1. Realistically Leo will never, ever ‘fire’ his wife. That just won’t happen. Even if he did wake up and see what has happened to his TWIT empire since she started running it, there’s that personal relationship that has much more value to him. TWIT can crumble and dissolve but financially he’s pretty well off — he could retire early or just start up another business venture.
          But if Leo does want long term futures for both his professional and home lives, probably the best any of us can hope for is he somehow convinces Lisa to take a minor accounting position with a very grandiose title so she’s happy, while implementing a reputable management contractor to actually run the business.

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  2. What an awful questionnaire.

    Why couldn’t i have a response to the ‘marketing mavericks’ as ‘What the fuck is that?’

    Love that Task 8 is ‘You want to but a t-shirt…’

    I can’t imagine any circumstances where I would willingly want to buy a bloody t-shirt.

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