Absentee Ballot

Well a Hey Hey and a How Dee Do
Well a Hey Hey and a How Dee Do

*This post is sung to the tune of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita

Well, it is really really easy to look at this image and mistakenly draw conclusions. But that would be super super wrong and really really unfair. There are only allegations at this point that one of these men really really abused women. Astonishing. Secondly, there is no video proof anywhere incriminating one of these men. Awesome. So you can have a gazzilion accusations but you do not have the citations needed to sway this journalist. The creation of this photo, could in fact be the work of Chinese or Russian hackers, in retaliation for James Franco.  Or, it could be click bait in the vain of masterbaiter Mike Elgum. I just don’t know.

However, it is certainly a puzzle that the Cosby story has been absent from TWiT. A network that is usually quick to capitalize on ratings gimmicks, such as the A.L.S. challenge. TWiT even had a “large black man” on the program to capitalize on the recent race relation stories sweeping the country. I don’t know.

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