5 thoughts on “Leo Laporte makes Sarah Lane sad”

  1. Hey, thanks for noticing Helloworld. It gets tough sometimes to work with that ogre but I keep at it thanks to the support of fans like you guys at totaldrama.net.

    Leo’s health is not good and we are encouraging him to go on a diet immediately. Can you imagine this place if you-know-who was running it?

    It is nice to see you incorporating music into your pieces.

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    1. Sarah,

      It’s so good to hear from you. I’m glad you are doing well. You should come by TotalDrama.org more often. I have a favor to ask. Will you have Ruth Reader on TN2 more often? Ruth really is the bee’s knees and I understand she’s a spy for the CIA which is super super amazing. Thanks Sarah.


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  2. For some reference, look at any videos of This Week in Fun from 2010 or so…THAT Sarah Lane is dead and gone from TWiT. The Lane we have now is an empty shell, merely showing up out of necessity – maybe she has a mortgage or wants to hang on a bit longer until an opening at Yahoo occurs…but you can tell she’s already mentally checked out from TWiT. She hates it there, and she strongly dislikes Leo.

    I think even he knows it. But he needs her even more than she needs TWiT, because if she were to leave, it truly would be Leo 24/7 on his own little network.

    I hope she moves on soon, as she looks severely depressed. I’m not a girl, but I’ve felt and looked this way at jobs in the past and it’s always been past the point of no return.

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