Sarah would look ok in blue one with three buttons open
Sarah would look decent in blue one with three buttons open and sleeves rolled up, I guess

In the future can the posts selling t-shirts be from someone besides the CEo. Surely she has more important things to do. Case in point: #Soupguzzler could not care less about the merchandise, it’s for a lackey, but it keeps the CEO occupied, I guess. We understand that you have some really pathetic fans but there is only so long you can milk a cow. How many shirts do the chat mods need? They barely leave the house as it is. I wish I was a CEo, seems fun, important decisions.

15 thoughts on “CEO SELLING T-SHIRTS”

  1. I can’t understand why they keep having their Cult members pay for their uniform? Surely just being a Fan you should be sent something that Advertises TWiT for free. You are doing a service and spreading the brand name plus telling people that you really are a TWIT!

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    1. It’s not like the name is any more inventive than the previous go. Leo likes to bitch that Twitter stole his name but what he doesn’t mention is how twit is a common British slang for an idiot.

      Whether he thinks he’s the twit or the audience are the twits, it’s bad.

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  2. The TWiT branding was marketing suicide in itself. At this point, how could any fan be delusional enough to find pride in wearing that? Since the clueless, gold-digging, hideous skank took control, the whole network reeks of abuse, corruption, and disrespect for employees, and pure animosity for its loyal viewers.

    I would like to see a TD post compiling some good alternatives to TWiT programs. I would miss Sarah, Paul, and Jason, but it’s becoming more difficult to tune in at all lately. Just looking at Leo makes me sick. Considering his history, I am enjoying his transformation into the ruthless, short-sighted, suit with his eye fixed on the bottom line and no regard for the quality of the content or the treatment of the human beings who make it all possible . The irony.

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  3. For Mac tech talk, the “Connected” podcast at is pretty good. It definitely blows away MacSuck Weakly with Andy In-N-Out-Burger.

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