B4 it’s 2 late

Image006I am reprising a column started by legendary author Richard Yes. I will attempt to save the upcoming  travel show from imminent disaster. The show is in the planning stages and expected to star the lovely and talented Sarah Lane and Jonny Jet from the weekly snoozefest radio show.

In this article we will rescue the show by doing the following:

  • Cutting costs
  • Merchandizing
  • Garnering sponsor synergy
  • Gripping fans with #drama
  • Increasing audience size
  • Increasing demographic variety
  • Getting employees to work voluntarily
  • Moving the network beyond #soupguzzler
  • Continuing the mission of spreading tech knowledge

First thing we need to do is cut out Jonny, bye bye. No one cares how to save $50 on a flight from San Diego to Phoenix at 2AM on August 22nd.  No offense JJ, I am a big fan. (saving money already)

The show concept is this, we send Sarah on vacation with her hot friends to exotic locations. It’s sort of a reality show with great information mixed in. Who are these hot friends? We all know that hot girls only hang out with other hot girls, it is kind of a rule, see photo below:

Photo courtesy of instagram/el_peego
Photo courtesy of instagram.com/el_peego

I will work out the pilot episode and the staff at TWiT will need to do the rest. I can’t be expected to write the entire series. In the first episode Sarah & Co. head to Tahiti, but there is a stumbling block in their way, every good story needs a conflict. The hotel screws up the reservation and all six of them are forced to share a room with only one large bed. (save money & #Drama, ) The gang is all upset and they all update their Facebook statuses and Instagram accounts on their iPhones. (tech angle) The episode  culminates into a crescendo with one giant pillow fight as the audience is glued to the screen (#Drama) to see who wins. My money is on the girl in the green top. After the pillow fight they get ready for an evening on the town and discuss how-to (sponsor synergy with Lynda.com) put together great outfits.

Let’s discuss this show in more detail. Most of the people reading this article are already hooked and we covered many of the bullet points at the top of this article. What did we miss? Expanding the audience: An overlooked segment of the population at TWiT is  women. They will love the show as they tune in each week for relationship tips and great outfits. Sarah is a gay icon so that demo is sured up and of course straight men are in hook-line-and-sinker.  Getting staff to work free: We all know the nerdy editors will fight over editing this program, no worries on that front. Merchandizing:  Two words, ‘action’ ‘figures,’ as the show moves along everyone will have their favorite lady and plunk down coin for action figures. No Leo, they are not life sized. If somehow the gang at TWiT screws up and ratings slip. Guess who is free on Thursdays and likes to travel.  (see below)

Will travel
Will travel

In conclusion, making a hit show is not that hard. It is so easy anyone can do it. Just treat your audience with respect. Finally, no matter what, I know he is cost-free, do not put Padre on this show (and do not let Sarah pick the music.)

*Update* The show is not scripted, the hotel screw-up will be initiated by the show producer.

16 thoughts on “B4 it’s 2 late”

    1. Leo Laporte is a real person (apparently) where as TotalDrama is a blog, an Internet creation that cannot sexually fantasize about a real woman.
      But it’s good to see you agree with the consensus, that the real Leo Laporte (married – with kids (different wife)) twice divorced, who openly sexually lusts ‘on air’ over the deliriously heavenly “Gay Icon’ the mystical Sarah Lane though not professionally.
      Will you be my BBF 🙂

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      1. If you want greater accuracy, and you seem to be in need of it …

        TotalDrama is a representation of the humans who create it and after all the complaints about Leo’s supposed lusting(which is an act) it seems those humans creating TotalDrama have a fairly clear (and real) sexual fixation with Sarah Lane.

        Sometimes the posts on this site are interesting but I suppose it’s forte is trolling and hypocrisy.

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  1. If I can be somewhat serious for a second, but is it just me or does the idea of a travel show just seem like a waste of time? This show should just be segments of other existing shows. I really don’t think there’s enough content to keep a weekly show going that explores the “Tech of Travel”.

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    1. it is not just you. There is no content for this. This is a horrible idea. But, they want to shoot 12 episodes in a few hours and pay virtually nothing for the show. That is the new model for making shows now, save money. It’s not about making content, it is about making cheap content,

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    1. There is plenty of time in every day of our ‘Gotten Lives’ to enjoy trolling Twit.
      Join the party, you know know you want to!
      Or does the truth hurt that much?

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  2. I’m not going to join a group full of hate filled posts. The only reason why I like looking at this group is to laugh at the losers here who ibviously have too much time on their hands.

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    1. ‘too much time – get a life – losers – ibviously’ ?!
      ‘The only reason why I like looking at this group’ superiority complex much!
      ‘Quit trolling about TWiT’ errr… No! LOL 🙂

      You sound twitching, out of breath and angry and much like a YouTube commenter hating a Bieber video.

      This isn’t Molly Wood just another LeoBot!

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