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    1. Isn’t that Don Reisinger? He freelances for CNET and other Tech publications I had some work published today at eWeek;


      The guy just shines so brightly when paired with an incompetent buffoon like #Gum that I am sure that they banished him, maybe a silent ban. Some of his comments were quite Trollish and directed towards, but shielded, about #Gum and #Soup.

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    1. Yeah talk about someone that actually knew what they were doing and was deliberately driven out because of an over inflated soup filled ego who was worried that he would find himself shuffled off to the sidelines by the Radio network and replaced with younger fresher and more intelligent presenter.

      You could say that the old haggard lion was threatened by a cub so he was taken out. I’m sure Lanigan is locked in a cupboard somewhere at TWiT, maybe his skeletal remains are in a corner of the server room or laying there in the know-hole, the flesh digested by the Friar.

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    1. This was the last episode of TNT that I listened to. I just had enough of Gum’s shit. Or Gum being shit. Or both. There are only 2 shows from TWiT I still listen to and they are AAA and TN2.

      I mean seriously – if you’re going to have guests on the show you should at least know where they frigging work.

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  1. You may find this dear man buried out in the middle of the Mohave Desert about 100 foot North East of the I-15 Freeway and Cima Rd.

    They just had to get him out of the picture.

    Seriously though the true reason is very like that he had come to the conclusion real fast the Mike Elgan is not the Tech Media personality that he claims to be. Don’t take much to see past that ‘super super’ thin mask that Gum uses to try and appear to be competent.

    If you notice the turn-a-round rate for ‘co-hosts’ is super super high and they all do things like quit the tech industry to report for gardening times, move to Korea (North Korea) and many other places.

    Nobody wants to do the show with him for too long except those that have an agenda like push a product or website or are buddies of Gum’s.

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