Jeff Jarvis talks like an old woman

Noted Google fan and professional weirdo Jeff Jarvis appeared recently on “This Week in Google” to complain about, uh…AT&T? Sure, that makes about as much sense as having Jeff Jarvis talk about Google. He doesn’t know anything, he’s too old to have a real opinion and he talks like a feeble old pensioner from the old country. But he works cheap, so Leo Laporte continues to have him on.

10 thoughts on “Jeff Jarvis talks like an old woman”

      1. Anyone that is willing to be ‘bought’ by Google, allow them to pay for his travel and expenses as he goes from place to place promoting Google’s products and Services with a biased zeal and then only mention it on air AFTER he has gone through his whole “Google is the greatest routine” is not someone that should be teaching people about ‘Journalism’. It teaches them that being biased is right and teaches them to ignore facts or details when writing their pieces rather than supply a balances accurate piece of work!

        Jarvis needs to stop claiming to be anything other than “GOOGLE SPOKESHOLE”! For this is what he really is!

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        1. The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism has only been operating since 2006, (well 2004 but it took them 2 years to get the building ready). So it’s only been around 10 years. I guess they gave him a tenure because he was there early on and they a desperate. I wonder if they get something from Google as well? He obviously can’t be doing much teaching since he always seems to be flying around Spokesholing for Google.

          Hmmm, maybe his real title there is Professor of Google Spokeholing.

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  1. I called Jeff out on his website a long time ago – since he can be a professor at CUNY with just a bachelor’s degree (which is what he has). My university – and others I am familiar with have the expectation of a PhD standard with a Masters as a minimum. I guess CUNY doesn’t require that. Jeff’s answer was that his experience makes up for his level of education in order to teach. I guess that is debatable – I was just surprised a bachelor could teach as a professor. On a side note – not sure why this guy talks on a tech podcast when clearly he has the technical knowledge of a grandparent (no disrespect to your grandparents).

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    1. Right!?

      I would kill for a tenure-track position with just my master’s. But the minimum for ANY program that I’m aware of is a PhD. Otherwise you’re just contract or adjunct faculty. Blegh.

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  2. Besides his lack of academic merit, it is also a bizzare idea to make someone like him a professor for journalism (with tenure) – making a show about a company in which you constantly praise that company, apologise for every screwup they have and even say “I love you guys” during the one time of the month where you dare to say something negative is not really the kind of impartial, unbiased idea of journalism I would like to see taught to future journalists!

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