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    1. Soup is the world’s biggest Apple fanboy, and for all the years Jobs was alive he never said one critical thing about it. It’s only in the last couple years when it’s become clear Apple is just coasting in all regards has he said anything negative.

      Jarpiss is a liberal loudmouth hypocrite just like Leo who claims to be impartial (NO ONE is ever impartial) in an effort to sound holier than thou, yet is obviously a Google fanboy. I fail to see why anyone would want to listen to TWiG on a regular basis.

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      1. Actually Soup is the world’s biggest Google/Android fanboy and much of that is because Apple gave him the ban hammer when he was caught streaming one of their keynotes back in 2010. So now even on the Apple related podcasts, he can’t resist plugging his latest Android slab and taking shots at Apple. The fact is this post is about the Google shill Jarvis and when you watch All About Google vice Macbreak Weekly, you see much more criticism in the latter even with Apple fanboys like Rene Ritchie.

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        1. If you remember René criticizing Apple, you probably misheard.

          If Apple leased a dozen bulldozers and made it its mission to flatten ever single cute kitten in Silicon Valley, the dude would try to explain how that was merely trying to improve the user experience.

          I’m glad Leo brings up Android on MBW – four grey-heads praising Apple simply don’t make for exciting shows.

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  1. This is one those things that really gets me angry is people like Jeff Jarvis. The only thing that can be guaranteed with this man is that you cannot trust that he, as a journalist whom claims to have journalistic integrity, is that he has no integrity and happy to take bribes from Google.

    There is no Journalistic integrity when you travel the world with all expenses paid for by a Global Corporation and you are promoting the agenda of the Corporation!

    I believe that the promotion of Google when you have shares makes him a poor choice to be a Host or Co-Host on a show about Google. How can you be critical of something that a company has done if you have a vested interest in that company. How can you defend a company that pays you to promote their agenda?

    I can understand Matt Cutts defending Google, he works for them but the blind defending of all things Google is an embarrassment to watch as Jarvis does it while at the same time claiming “Journalist Integrity”.

    Strangely enough he defended on the same show a fellow Journalist that also contributes to Buzzfeed and claims that the Journalist was right to report the statement made by that Uber executive.

    Strangely enough all the other journalists at the Dinner were aware of it being an “Off the Record” situation and nobody else that heard that comment raced to report it. They did in fact report about the journalist making the report about the comment and have all stated that it was made very clear that the Dinner event was an off the record event.

    People do tend to make some statements in such situations that may be offensive or seem threatening but most people with integrity laugh it off. I am sure that nobody that has read comments by HelloWorld would take seriously the comments he made about an RV and what he was going to do at the end of this year with said RV! It was merely a statement! Now we know that we have to be careful because if a Buzzfeed reporter comes across anyone making such a statement it may be reported and placed in the context of a threat!

    Yet Jarvis has chosen that defend and claim that it was “Journalistic Integrity”.

    Someone that does not show Integrity in their Trade tends to not have any Integrity at all. Jarvis does not have integrity.

    He is no better than 2 bit Snake Oil Salesman! Selling the products of Google to people around the World and with his income coming from Google.

    It is also interesting that he keeps referring to himself being a Professor of Journalism at CUNY when he is actually an Adjunct Professor of Journalism. This is why he can be referred to as a Professor because CUNY does not require Adjunct Professors to have a PHD and he is not Full time with them he is merely there as a contingent professor.

    Yet another sign of a fraud who claims he is more than he is!

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    1. Jarvis is tenured at CUNY and at a minimum an Assoc Professor (if currently adjunct he may be on a leave) – as w/ most schools tenure can be granted by a board/committee which has discretion regarding the candidate (even Medical Schools) – An advance degree is not mandatory, but certainly utilized in the general guidelines. His perceived shilling aside, the likelihood is, he could be granted tenure and a full professorship at the majority of universities in the US.

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      1. He may claim to be a full professor but he is not. He can be tenured . That merely means that it is harder to remove him as a member of the faculty. Kind like someone that is ‘grandfathered in’ to a phone plan like he is with his AT&T unlimited data! You can’t take the plan from them unless they do something really bad that breaks a particular rule and tenured means that they can’t just fire him unless he does something really really bad. You can be adjunct and tenured. There is nothing special about a tenure except that is a permanent posting as an adjunct.

        It just means that they have a lot of free time. You could say that while Indiana Jones was tenured he was effectively an adjunct professor who roamed the world looking for crap to keep it out of the hands of the Nazi’s.

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      2. Assoc Profs must obtain a PhD (minimum, of some kind, not necessarily directly related to their other degrees) within a certain specified contract years – usually 3 to 5 – befire they can be soncidered for tenure, THe are NOT tenured until they do get a PhD, THEN , after review over usually 5 to 10 years (their first Assoc years included in the count), then tenured, they automatically become a FULL Prof. In colleges, that is what tenure gets you.

        Amazing as it sounds, you can – in some fields of study, Journalism is one of them – get a PhD without ever having recieved a Masters.

        Adjunct Profs, which Jarvis is NOT, are never granted tenure, dont even need degrees of any type, dont usually pursue them – usually have some notoriety in a particular field. They are usually employed “at will” generally renewed each semester – as long as their regular classes are minimum filled (usually at least 6 students enrolled)
        But they dont know from semester to semester whether or not they will be working that semester.

        IF Jarvis is tenured, he is indeed a Full Professor. It’s a little difficult to find, but he has obviously been granted tenure as a special circumstance, becuase his offical CUNY-published bio syas he is a Full Proff with w BSJ – not a PhD hiolder (at least, if he is, not in J)

        One more thing: Jarivs ALWAYS disclaims himself at every turn. He has NEVER not announced if he has some interest in a company being discussed. As a matter of fact, at Medill he was known as the “Disclaimer Dude”. And that is before he even had any notoriety.

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        1. One more thing: Jarivs ALWAYS disclaims himself at every turn. He has NEVER not announced if he has some interest in a company being discussed.

          Wrong. He barely discloses his involvement with companies. Every 20 shows on TWiG he mentions his stock ownership. That is how I know about it. However, on the other 19 out of 20 shows he does not. Show me the last time he mentioned it.

          I personally pointed out his involvement with Google (they pay his airfare to some conferences) in a comment on his blog for an article and he updated his article to disclose it. The fact that he discloses it on some articles and not all is damnation enough. He is signing his own guilt certificate doing that. He is so thick, he only discloses airfare when he mentions the conference and not when he mentions the company.

          So you can fool some other people here but not me.
          Work on your username.

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        2. An Adjunct can be tenured. Adjunct refers to how much they actually work and he can only be adjunct because he had not completed a Doctorate! He can never progress beyond that. Tenure merely refers to whether they are considered permanent staff. If he works 2 hours a week and they are happy with that 2 hours and board of the schooling body are happy to grant tenure on his activities an Adjunct can be tenured.

          They can also be listed are core members of staff of a schooling body.

          People confuse ‘Adjunct’ not being a professor, they are still professors but they are like a “6th former education his peers” because they have not completed their Doctorate!

          Personally I don’t care whether Jarvis refers to himself as a Professor, an Adjunct Professor or just as a “Self serving cocksucker”. He is the “Pink slime” of Integrity.

          Yeah, just like Pink slime was used in food because it was cheap and could be hidden in many meat products he form of integrity can be referred to integrity but it is really not integrity it is a facade.

          People that stand on a platform of “Telling all” and being “Public” that write multiple books on this platform. Defends Google on this Platform, should disclose that information fully at all time. Not when it pleases him to.

          He is doing a disservice to anyone that he ‘educates’ pushing them to an educational level higher than his own! He is doing a disservice to the “openness” that Google believes we should have when he holds himself to ONE STANDARD while whining and complaining about others that hide their openness.

          Especially when he thinks that it is okay to CENSOR people if the opinions voiced are not mirroring his!

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  2. Yes, it’s Leo’s big belly that’s streaching the truth . The final TWiT gasp will be the Leo and Lisa sex tape “inside TWiT” , we’ll see how many clits it rings up. Sponsored by Trojan

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  3. You’re all just being mean trolls, and freedom-of-expression-loving journalism professor Jeff Jarvis will rant until he is purple in the face to have you removed from humanity, permanently.

    Nah, lets be real, IMHO, one is personally responsible for the people one’s listening to. Listen to hypocrites for entertainment, or at your own peril.

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  4. Agreed. Jarpiss is the biggest hypocrite on the show. He claims to be a unbiased journalist defending the public while constantly kissing google’s ass, hawking his books, and spouting his one and only truth of the world all while being completely useless at using or speaking to computers and services. Great qualities for a tech PODcast.

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      1. Well, the twitter account isnt satire becuase that asshole hasnt changed the account name as he has publicly promised. Once he does that, Jarvis has publicly stated more than once, “then I dont have a problem with that, as long as HE DOES THAT.”.

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        1. Ok, so as long as he changes it to suit Jarvis it will be protected under free speech. LOfuckingL. Jarvis doesn’t have a problem with satire as long as it isn’t about him.are you kidding, have you ever heard Howard Stern?
          Look at the account, only a moron without a brain would not know it is satire.

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  5. Brain, Jarvis does NOT have a PhD. Jarvis does NOT have a masters. He has a bachelor degree and that is it! He has admitted to it on his site buzzfeed in the comments- but clearly does not like broadcasting the fact that he is a “professor” with ONLY a BA. He claims his experience makes up for it. Look it up, do some research. It’s a fact.

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    1. I just looked at several of the faculty bios at the CUNY journalism school. I didn’t find anyone with a doctorate. Most only had bachelor’s. Some had master’s.

      Seriously, what kind of school are they running there? That is insane. It seems really fishy to me, to be honest.

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    2. Slight correction – according to his bio – he has a BS in journalism (vs. a BA). Only university I know where the majority of the staff don’t have anything other than a undergrad degree.

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  6. Notice how on TWiG, Soup plays up his star host Jarpuss, the position he holds, his books and his travels but back home, the ‘Puss hasn’t a word to promote his star satius on the Soup Network. I couldn’t find one mention on any of ‘Pusses CUNY’s bio pages his asociation with Soup. You’d think a tenured prof such as he claims would want his students to follow his social media trail…

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