Why is Leo always so rude to Sarah Lane?

Why is Leo Laporte always so rude and dismissive to our lovely Sarah Lane? This a question I fear will haunt us forever here at #TotalDrama. Leo’s ill manners are caught once again and captured here in this YouTube clip of the perpetually disparaging Soup Guzzler as he unleashes yet another brash tirade against our winsome Sarah:

11 thoughts on “Why is Leo always so rude to Sarah Lane?”

    1. Friend or no it really doesn’t matter. The talk before the last two IpadToday shows was terrible. really.

      Would anyone say “You can go as chlamydia” or “I can see a dark triangle”? You might think it’s funny, it’s demeaning.

      A friend wouldn’t say that. They might re-assure a self-conscious friend and say “Don’t worry, we can’t see anything besides your legs” and “You can go as measles, that’s a fun virus”

      Would a friend show sexy Halloween costumes as a suggestion on what to wear? Live on a broadcast?

      Next time Sarah could say “Leo you can go as a dirty old man”

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      1. >A friend wouldn’t say that …

        Picking out selective quotes doesn’t change the fact they like each other and are friends which is obvious to anybody who watches hours and hours of this network. Sarah would leave the network if she was really offended – it’s banter, Leo playing the fool, Sarah the straight-woman.

        You may not like Leo, you may love Sarah, it doesn’t change the facts.

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  1. I think Sarah is a very pretty lady, although I suspect she has a drinking problem and most likely Leo already got into her panties at some point in the past.

    I really think she can do much better with her life without Twit.

    Their seems to be a problem with her not being able to find a good man in her life.

    From the post to her instagram she seems to favour black and dark ethnic men that us too bad.

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  2. I think a better question is why does she put up with it? We’ve seen Leo say some really shitty things to her that most people would have flipped their shit and quit over. Surely she has more than enough evidence on tape for a harassment lawsuit.

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