2 thoughts on “Mike Elgum won’t say bad words”

  1. He’s scared of offending anyone on his Google+ pages where he begs people to go and view he playing at being a news director. Funny enough it seems strange that they would use a term that is meant for someone ‘behind the scenes’ or it is to make it sound better and more important that it really is.

    He certainly didn’t want to be seen saying that word Bitch quite possibly in front of a muslim cleric or if he happened to watch the show all the way back in Jordan (highly doubtful but Gum’s self importance makes him believe that he does).

    Maybe he is now hoping that some real news show will pick him up as an anchor an he will hit the big time. I’m sure that somewhere, there is a place where everyone sounds like they are talking in tongues and riddles. Oh yeah, he could do the news on Dagobah, I am sure that Yoda and his kin would understand those riddles perfectly well and make sense of what he is saying!

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