13 thoughts on “It’s official: Lisa Laporte”

  1. It far even sadder to watch as everyone clambered round and Chad Johnson looked so closely and you just wanted to say, “Chad say hello to what the savings from canceling OMGCraft contributed towards, their vacation, this iMac and the iPad Air 2”.

    When ever they want a new toy they just kill a show and move the pitiful savings across to use to cover the cost of their personal spending.

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    1. I watch all the editors caressing the iMac and know they are thinking “That would really make my job easier, I could produce a masterpiece with that 5k iMac”

      Instead Lisa Laporte gets the Imac with a 1 terabyte SSD, a Core i7@4ghz and 16gb of memory. A powerhouse, suited to video editing or rotating cubes through 5 dimensions.

      To run Fusion and Excel her ex-employees away. Retina Style!

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  2. According to her profile on her own blog site, Lisa’s been TWiT CEO since 2009 (I could have sworn during the move to the brick house in 2011 Leo referred to her as his ‘business partner’, which would imply some sort of investor). Therefore she’s had 5 years to expand TWiT beyond Leo. That is the definition of a failed CEO.

    Clearly the only reason she still has her ‘job’ is because of that special relationship they have.

    Based on what this blog entry shows, it’s clearly obvious she’ll be keeping that ‘job’ for the foreseeable future. That’s REALLY too bad. I had high hopes for you Leo, but all good things must come to an end.

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  3. I’m thinking they tied the knot(noose) in London. Get married in the US and it’s bound to show up in a pubic records search. Maybe they tied the knot on the plane ??? It would be nice to know marriage law in the United Kingdom??

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