Is anyone safe?

A week after going on record in TWiT IRC to defend the character of the  chronic alleged sexual harasser #soupguzzler, Laporte’s call-screener, Heather, suffered some humiliation at the alleged abuser’s hand. What was her crime? Who knows?

Heather hurt after humiliation
A smile to hide the pain?

It was three weeks ago that Heather’s friend and sweetheart fill-in, Kim, was told she was incompetent by Laporte. Kim’s crime was not giving the delusional over-eater the proper calls, AKA easy calls. Heather seems to have become guilty of the same crime. After all, how hard can it be to ring up an 80 year old lady to inquire about what computer to get her grandson embarking on his college career?

"How much is an iPad?"
“How much is an iPad?”

His voice was hard to make out due to excessive portions of food bouncing around his gullet, but #Drama was not to be denied. Experts at audio reproduction, the #guzzler’s voice was remastered (see video below) which let the fans listen in on him questioning her ability to screen calls. The virtuoso of demeaning employees also left the camera on her throughout her public ridicule. Is this part of a plot to fire Heather and insert a more affordable Jeff_N into the call screener position? It wouldn’t $urprise me. Poor Heather!

Thanks to SpringR for video tip

Fret not Heather, being humiliated by this man puts you in some esteemed company.

*Update* It looks like Heather will be moved aside for Jeff_N after all, we will check the chat log to see who initiated that theory, I believe it was Richardya or KC and homage will be paid.

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  1. She is a good call screener, she has said no to many people but at the same time; she’s also at fault for letting old people on in the first place. I swear I remember a time when this show wasn’t purely entertainment and was actually helpful.

    It’s like all of the soul has been sucked out; Jeff Needles is sucking so much dick right now that he’s more semen than man. What’s worse is that Jeff Needles isn’t afraid to hang up anybody on the phone and is one of the most self-centered people anyone has ever met.

    Plus there’s going to be no diversity, so at least there’s that.

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    1. It is interesting to note that Leo Laporke had the whole 8 minutes edited from the show. That was why they were so determined to get it downloaded off the Trickster before TWiT, they wanted to get that chunk removed as if it never happened.

      What an asshole. He talks about how terrible the Google Right To Be Forgotten is yet he likes to have those little snippets of his venom cut from the shows. A true Hypocrisy.

      The deleted from 11.58am to 12.06pm eradicated it completely from show as if it never happened.

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  2. If a dog attacked the way he does it would be put down or at least castrated. I think he needs similar treatment.

    What an abusive pile of shit! He’s an asshole and a huge one at that.

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  3. Leo is clearly angry that she is way more attractive for an older lady than Liza. Anyone who watches closely will notice Liza keeps coming by the studio when the Tech Guy is on.

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  4. Why not play the video the way it was without editing it? I heard that part about the stupid questions and don’t remember him being mean to her.

    The way you’ve edited it sounds very nasty. The “stupid question” comment was a reply to a chatter not to Heather.

    If he was mean to her I’m not defending him but editing the video the way you did puts everything in doubt.

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    1. You must be new here, welcome.
      I agree that it was edited to make him look as bad as possible, easy to note if you watch the raw feed. At the same time, it highlights things you might have missed. This site is essentially a counterweight to the massive amounts of bullshit he feeds to his fans.
      The stupid question comment never looked like anything other than what it was, in relation to callers not Heather.

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    2. This is a rough transcript of a conversation that took place between Leo Laporte and call screener Heather Hamann on October 26th 2014 around 12PM PT during a break for The Tech Guy.

      Unedited video (begins at 1:45):

      Leo Laporte: Do you ever umm… say no to a caller?

      Heather Hamann: (Surprised look)

      Leo Laporte: Like do, like when somebody calls, No I don’t think so, not on this sho …not on my watch?

      Heather Hamann: It sounded like you called me Oscar

      Leo Laporte: …Oscar? (laughs while eating) …No, I was chewing I’m sorry.

      Leo Laporte: Hey Oscar? I’m going to call you Oscar

      Heather Hamann: Umm you can tell me to say no more but I’m a yes kind of girl

      Leo Laporte: You usually let anybody on.

      Leo Laporte: Is that what you’re saying? You don’t like screen them?

      Heather Hamann: Its screened but… and umm… what would be the…

      Leo Laporte: Mostly you redirect. You tell people, well, can you change it a little bit?

      Heather Hamann: I’d say a 10th.

      Leo Laporte: A 10th? So you’re …so, you let most of them on?

      Leo Laporte: Now with Dean what did you do? ’cause you know she worked for 11 years for doctor dean.

      Heather Hamann: Umm… yeah there I had to be super hard core

      Leo Laporte: You would kick people on dean, you would say NO! we’re not going to talk about your bunions again marge! You keep calling about your bunions! Dean does not want to talk to you!

      Heather Hamann: I’m trying to think what the difference is. Cause we talked about the similarities in the past. I mean things can be so esoteric and they can be here too but I mean…

      Leo Laporte: You think whether I should turn off KEXT locking in order to enable trim on SSD’s is not esoteric?

      Heather Hamann: Oh okay.

      Leo Laporte: (Laughs)

      Leo Laporte: You know what the problem is? You have no idea!

      Leo Laporte: That may be a universal question …yeah …no that’s fine …I don’t mind. You know …I’ll talk to (unintelligible)

      Heather Hamann: Well, it shows what a huge brain you have.

      Leo Laporte: And I can just drop anybody I just don’t like. I’ve put on, you know that.

      Heather Hamann: Well, you can…

      Leo Laporte: If their voice suddenly disappears like I keep talking to them and they just don’t say anything, I probably put them on hold that way they don’t ask any inconvenient questions.

      Leo Laporte: And I can say, OKAY y’all set now? Okay, See Ya!

      Leo Laporte: You can see me do that. So, if I… When I push a button here or actually mostly I do it here.

      Leo Laporte: (Says to someone off camera) I’m giving out the secret? …They’re not coming back says Shelly? WOW! This is It! That’s funny. You’re never coming back?

      Leo Laporte: (Still speaking to someone off camera) You’re not taking it back? She’s so bored!

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      1. Thanks for a transcript, that way I don’t have to endure that fat pricks convalescing voice. It looks even worse than it did when it happened as a written document.

        So this year he has complained about people phoning the following and I believe I missed far more out than included;

        Windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and +
        Internet issues
        Hard Drive issues
        WiFi issues
        Microsoft Office

        He wants it limited to questions where he can say “reinstall Windows”, “Reset back to factory”, “Yes I’ll spend your money for you and give you bad purchasing advice”.

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  5. As I said in IRC I would expand on my theory. K.C. is right and the #Soup & #Slop plan has been in play for weeks now!

    I believe that Leo has the desire to divert the money that is paid to the call screener into the TWiT coffers to help offset the cost of soup and salad.

    Never before has he complained so viciously about call screening and how badly it is done. In fact he has praised Heather and Kim before about how great a job they do! Suddenly he lets rip at Kim and then picks his moment and does the same with Heather. On each occasion he has implied that they are not screening the calls adequately and letting through the wrong type of call. In fact he has made a “Total Drama” out of the call screening.

    For the past three weeks, immediately after the outburst with Kim they started doing regular “Inside TWiT” shows and suddenly they were doing screened calls with that little Ferret Needles and his awful squawking glass cracking voice doing it.

    I believe that they have been training him on call screening to get the ball rolling, maybe even switch his days so that they fit around the airing of the Tech Guy with another trained in the mean time as a back up. The eventual plan will be to have TWiT staff do the call screening and Leo undercuts whatever Heather gets paid for doing it.

    Aaah, you may be saying “but Heather is a friend of Leo & Lisa’s, they wouldn’t shit on a friend”!

    I’ve also agreed with others and voiced the opinion that Leo is a Sociopath. He doesn’t worry about shitting on friends and doesn’t think twice about cutting ties with them. Just look at Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Young to name just three people that he referred to as ‘friends’. This is something that a sociopath personality will do so very easily. I believe that Lisa is equally capable of the same thing.

    I suspect that it won’t happen until the new year. They will tell everyone that Heather has decided that other commitments have required her to leave the show. Leo needs time to train his minions and refine the call screening to exactly what Leo wants.

    He is upset because of the level of assistance he needs to give but the music they are playing and the market the stations are playing to tends to attract that older generation and they are the ones that tend to need hand holding. Due to the way that he portrays himself on the radio show as the ‘Guru to go to’ these elderly people all want their issues resolved.

    We saw the way he spoke to that guy that called in complaining that his WiFi was not giving him all 100 or 200 Mbps or whatever it was and only 64Mbps on his Smartphone. He turned on the guy and then after hanging up on him demeaned him. Instead of explaining in simple terms that he would understand he chose to rant. I bet that guy will never call in again!

    I am sure that the calls will be reduced to the easiest of the easy. He wants to get back to calls about what is the best phone to get for my mom or grandma so he can tell them how to spend their money. He hasn’t had those for so long because he keeps hyping himself as the know all and sadly we call know…

    …Leo Laporte is the Know All who Knows Nothing!

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    1. Further more, the “bad” calls getting to Leo are COMPLETELY HIS fault. The screening software they use allows the screener:

      to TYPE THE QUESTION IN A BOX SO THAT THE HOST CAN READ IT FIRST< THEN allowing the HOST to decide whether or not the call should go through., dropping when needed.

      IF Soup paid a BIT more attention to that STANDARD process, all of this drama would cease. Or most of it.

      Did Leo really expect Heather to somehow magically know tech at his level/

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  6. I agree with you’re analysis. It is also pretty obvious to me how Leo’s in-house playmate has affected attitude and judgment.
    Maybe just maybe she is wearing him out being so much younger than him.
    It’s also obvious he too is having his face injected with botox.
    They must get a group discount.
    Oh,anyone else catch when Leo said “Lisa was a manager at Jack in the box.But that was a longtime ago.” LOL

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  7. I typically disagree with every selfish, short-sighted decision made by soupy or his vile dominatrix.

    But like the recent dismissal of Chad, I completely agree with this move. The screener is vital and essentially the director of the program. One should have technical expertise beyond taking selfies with your iPhone and scouting for your next sugar daddy of the week on OK Cupid. Lisa gets so much criticism for gold-digging but Heather is no better. She just isn’t a heinous bitch like Kuntzella. Heather even resorts to cringe-inducing flirting and constant innuendo with our favorite chief swine in an attempt to secure her employment. Pathetic..

    I don’t understand how general call screening is a profession in radio. Anyone can answer a phone. What matters is that the person doing it is knowledgeable and able to select the calls with broad appeal.

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    1. Uh, again, no. In radio <OST of the software used allows for the Qs to be there for the host to catch, there is rarely a need to require a screener to be of the same mind as the host. It's better, but most screeners know this.

      Even the screenres before, off-site at Premier, werent that much better, and Leo would chastize them as well, at least twice a month for 5 years!

      Leo just doesnt look at the question ahead of time – it's obvious.

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